Ant Middleton's life has completely changed amid a year of scandal and controversy.

The former solider turned TV star was sensationally dropped from SAS: Who Dares Wins by Channel 4 bosses in March this year over his 'personal conduct' - but had already lost other jobs because of some of his controversial comments.

In a statement, Channel 4 said: "Ant Middleton will not be taking part in future series of SAS: Who Dares Wins. Following a number of discussions Channel 4 and Minnow Films have had with him in relation to his personal conduct it has become clear that our views and values are not aligned and we will not be working with him again."

Female members of the crew accused him of making "lewd and suggestive comments" on set, but a spokesman for Middleton said he denied the allegations, claiming that he is "always disciplined and utterly professional".

Hitting back in an explosive Good Morning Britain interview, the ex-Special Forces soldier claimed it was purely "military banter" as he blasted the "PC and woke patrol".

Controversy surrounding Middleton last year when he was heavily criticised for refusing to accept coronavirus was a serious threat to society and branding Black Lives Matter protesters "absolute scum".

After five years on the show, Ant was sensationally dropped from Channel 4
After five years on the show, Ant was sensationally dropped from Channel 4

In an Instagram post in March 2020, the adventurer said: "Am I still out travelling the world? Yes. Am I still shaking hands? Yes. Am I still cuddling fans at the airport? Yes. Am I washing my hands and keeping my hygiene to a high standard as always? Yes."

He continued: "Has my life changed? No. Am I going to let some disease, Covid-19, dictate my life? Absolutely not. Get out there, don’t change, F*** Covid-19!"

Middleton claimed he was trying to say people needed to tackle the problem "head-on" and "didn't know a pandemic was all of a sudden coming to play", later correcting his post after government advice told people to stay indoors.

Then in June, Ant tweeted: "It was only a matter of time. BLM and EDL are not welcome on our streets, absolute scum. What a great example you are to your future generation. Bravo."

Less than 24 hours later he released an apology video clarifying his tweet and confirming he had deleted it once he had reread it and realised it had caused offence.

Ant had a year full of controversy
Ant had a year full of controversy

He stated: "I put out a tweet or retweeted a video of the violence, the terror and chaos that was happening on the streets of London. ‘Within that tweet I mentioned the BLM and EDL and the word 'scum'.

"At no point was I calling the BLM scum and comparing the two organisations. I want to make that really, really clear.

"The word scum was used to describe the people in the video that were violent, that were causing terror on the streets of London and setting a bad example for our future generations."

At the same time, Channel 4 had set up a "new and clear commitment" to be an anti-racist organisation and said Middleton's comment's "in no way represent the views of Channel 4" and insisted he apologised.

This resulted in Ant losing several jobs, including being removed from ITV's Soccer Aid in August amid fears that his involvement would offend ethnic minority players.

And in the same month he stood down from the role of Chief Cadet of the Volunteer Cadet Corps, a youth organisation affiliated to the Royal Navy, after being appointed in November 2019.

Ant Middleton appeared on Good Morning Britain following his axe from SAS
Ant Middleton appeared on Good Morning Britain following his axe from SAS

After being dropped by Channel 4, Middleton hit back during that explosive GMB interview with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid.

He branded Minnow Films and Channel 4's statements "very reckless and desperate" and accused them of trying to "protect their brand".

Middleton claimed he decided to walk away anyway because the show had become "inauthentic", "half-scripted" and "all smoke and mirrors".

"I wanted to part in a healthy way and in a positive way. And they knew that I was going," he said on GMB.

"And all of a sudden they dropped this bomb... (that) I've been axed. And ultimately what they're doing is they're protecting their brand."

As the war of words continued, Channel 4 released another statement saying Middleton's personal conduct alone was the sole reason he was made to leave the show.

"Our decision not to renew Ant Middleton’s contract and not to work with him again was solely based on his personal conduct off-camera and is not related to his on-screen persona as a DS," they said.

"SAS: Who Dares Wins will continue to be as tough as it’s ever been."

Ant Middleton boasts of 'positive vibes' in his luxury suite after jetting to Australia
Ant Middleton boasts of 'positive vibes' in his luxury suite after jetting to Australia

In the following days, Middleton's name was removed from The Prince's Trust website where he had been a celebrity ambassador for the charity and even appeared alongside Prince Charles at an event.

With his career in the UK in tatters, Ant flew out to Australia at the end of March to start filming for their version of SAS: Who Dares Wins.

He asked for "positive vibes" only while being stuck in quarantine in a luxury hotel for two weeks as per the country's coronavirus laws.

Middleton was clearly enjoying the down time Down Under as he flaunted views from his room on social media.

"I'm too hot to handle for the UK, that's why I've come over to Australia. I've come over to pester you lot," he said during an interview on The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

He added: "With the UK version, once that final string pinged from my grasp and it was being controlled by health and safety, and it's being controlled by the production, then yeah we butted heads a bit and we parted ways a bit sourly."

Ant Middleton back on TV in Australia
Ant Middleton back on TV in Australia

Middleton was most recently spotted throwing a peace sign up to the cameras as he left the interview with a smile on his face.

Despite being axed, Middleton will still be on the new series of SAS Who Dares Wins as it was recorded last year before he was sacked.

He will be alongside new military expert Melvyn Downes, Jason Fox and Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham, who insists the show will go on without Middleton.

"I always relate everything to the military world," he told The Mirror. "The show goes on, it’s bigger than all of us.

"Other than the people who really love to see me, Ant, Foxy... they’ll miss that side of it. But they’ll move on with the rest of us. The show will go from strength to strength."

*SAS: Who Dares Wins returns to Channel 4 on Sunday, 9pm