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Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway slammed with over 100 Ofcom complaints after Gordon Ramsay insults guest’s TEETH

ANT and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway received 104 complaints last weekend after chef Gordon Ramsay mocked a contestant's teeth.

In total 104 people wrote to the broadcasting watchdog, 68 of which were for Gordon's "savage" remark about Lorna's teeth during the Read My Lips game.

While nine of the complaints were over a contestant who was unfairly denied a prize, before the show clarified the error and awarded it.

Gordon, 54, was the celebrity guest announcer on episode two of Ant and Dec's hit ITV show.

And the famously foul-mouthed TV chef had to work out what contestants were saying by lip-reading during a game.

Gordon struggled to guess the correct answers - and when it came to fan Lorna's turn he blamed the gap in her teeth for not being able to work out what she was saying.

While Lorna repeatedly shouted: "Garlic bread", Gordon guessed everything from lasagne to chilli con carne.

Exasperated, he told the hosts: "I can't… It's the gap in the teeth, I can't understand what she's saying."

Ant and Dec laughed off the comment, but fans at home were less than impressed and flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts.

One wrote: "Was there any need for Gordon Ramsay to say that about that lady's teeth?"

Another added: "Love the show but really disappointed in Gordon Ramsay’s personal, insulting comment about the lady’s gap in her teeth.

Ant and Dec forced to apologise as Gordon Ramsay 'swears' just 12 minutes into Saturday Night Takeaway

A third tweeted: "Wtf Gordon Ramsay is savage af.. 'it's the gap in the teeth'".

One more agreed: "Still can't believe Gordon blamed the gap in that woman's teeth for not being able to guess the dish".

The remark came shortly after Gordon seemingly swore as he appeared to guess "p****d" as another contestant's word.

Ant apologised after the game, which came just 10 minutes after the star had promised not to swear during tonight's live, family-friendly episode.

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