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Anime face filter: How to get the new Snapchat filter on your smartphone

SNAPPING selfies is a national pastime, and there’s nothing more fun than adding a filter to see how you’ll look as a different gender or an OAP. 

But the latest trend to sweep social media is seeing people turn themselves into anime characters.

Transforming yourself into a cartoon online is nothing new, but the demand for the unique Japanese style has taken off online. 

Tik Tok and Instagram have been awash with people posing up a storm in the signature look, after a new filter was added to Snapchat. 

The hashtag #animefilter has hundreds of posts online, as people tried out the look on themselves, pets, famous photos and even tattoos.

If you’re trying to find it on the app to give it a go, the official name of the filter is Anime Style.

What is the new Anime Style filter on Snapchat?

The Anime Style filter is one of thousands currently available on the app Snapchat. 

There are numerous filters on the social media platform, but this one has soared in popularity as it tracks your facial expressions in real-time. 

This means you can upload a video of yourself as an anime character. 

As well as movement, the filter also recognises multiple people so you can see what you and your bestie look like as an animation.

How do you get it on your smartphone? 

To see what your anime  character would look like, you first need to download Snapchat, which is available on the Apple store or Google Play for Android users. 

You access the filter in the same way you search for any others, via the main smiley face at the taskbar on the bottom. 

After clicking on the icon, you need to swipe up to access the various filters. 

Here you can see which popular filters are currently trending. 

Simply type in Anime Style into the search bar to get started, and if you’re a fan you can add it to your favourites. 

How do you use it on TikTok?

While numerous videos have appeared on TikTok of people using the filter, it’s not directly available on the app. 

Anime Style is a Snapchat filter so it only works via that app.

In order to share your anime alter-ego you need to take a photo or record a video on Snapchat, then download it. 

Once you’ve saved your best anime poses you can then upload images or clips to Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. 

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