A wealthy nanny was unable to contain her anguish after she was arrested for repeatedly pulling up outside a store to take a poop in public.

Andrea Grocer, 51, appeared to be sobbing as officers took her photo following her arrest this week for allegedly defecating at least eight times outside the Natick Outdoor Store in Natick, Massachusetts.

The store owner, Henry Kanner, said he has clear video of Grocer pulling her Lincoln SUV in his parking lot, where she allegedly opened the front and back doors of her luxury vehicle to form a ‘barrier’ while she pooped on the ground.

‘It’s just disgusting. What if a kid gets out of a car and steps in the pile?’ Kanner told Metro Daily West.

Kanner was apprehended after police caught her in the act on Wednesday morning, finding her in possession of a laxative.

Grocer reportedly apologized police and told them she had irritable bowel syndrome, which affects the large intestine and may cause diarrhea.



She said she was on her way to work as a nanny, which was less than four blocks away from the parking lot in a house – which has bathrooms Grocer could have used.

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At Grocer’s arraignment hearing, her lawyer Marc Gerstenfeld called his client a ‘pillar of the community.’ Grocer works full time, is a parent and lives in a home valued at more than $430,000, according to public records.

She has since been charged with six counts of wanton and malicious destruction of property, although she initially faced eight counts. It is unclear why two of the counts got dropped.

A judge released Grocer without bail and ordered her to stay away from the store following her arraignment hearing.

She is reportedly due back in court on March 2.