As I’ve always endorsed, getting involved within the pastime of angling offers everyone the opportunity to get away from the pressures of everyday life.

It’s a thought this week that within my profession, I’ve recently had a long conversation with a fellow colleague regarding how beneficial our beloved pastime is within boosting everyone’s mental wellbeing. Here, as an interesting question had been raised, we spoke about access today to suitable clubs across Merseyside that could hopefully be available for both experienced rods and even newcomers to our beloved sport.

For many, joining a club is where it all began, but finding the right sort of club, as I have found only this week, could prove a little difficult when attempting to meet any individual’s needs. Many years ago there were lots of clubs opening the doors with availability to welcome new members where within them there was lots of experience that existed to help everyone out.

Today however, sadly there are not many clubs that will have an open door policy available for many reasons.
My recommendation is to join and become a member of Liverpool DAA.

Always welcoming and hosting the whole length of canal from Liverpool to the Saracens Head at Halsall, with a website available to catch up with some local news, the L&DAA, will as I’ve shared this week would be a good option for anyone beginning to think about getting involved in angling today.

Liverpool's Chris Diamond took the honours on Monday at partridge where on Marsh peg 2 he took 62.07 lbs
Liverpool's Chris Diamond took the honours on Monday at partridge where on Marsh peg 2 he took 62.07 lbs

Still on the club scene, Sunday saw the Alliance lads greeted with a frozen lake, whereas with their keenness, they endeavoured to break the ice to offer themselves a chance to fish. Met with a temperature of -2, even on this prolific venue the weights were considerably low as the sudden hard frost took its toll.
Lydiate’s Colin Pellow took second with 14.10.0 with Dave Wetherby’s close 13.6.0 making up the frame in third.
On the commercial open scene, the weather definitely had an impression on the lads willing to bare it visiting Mistral Lake at Mescar Fisheries.

A very unusual small field for this one witness owner Andy Molyneux take the day’s honours on this popular venue where Molyneux took just 14.10.0 on a tremendously hard day in cold conditions that consisted of carp to 4lb and skimmers at 6m. Peter Foster from Southport took second with 8lb and Steve Boyd’s 5.8.0 underlined how hard it was taking third.

Again in freezing conditions, Carr Mill Dam Hosted the last match of a series of four feeder pairs event on Sunday. Royton rod Jim Evans took the individual days honours with skimmers for 7.12.0. That weight along with my own effort saw our joint accumulative catch over the series take fourth place.

Northwich’s Andy Insley who took second individual on the day with 7.3.0 paired with Gareth Lambert took the coveted winning trophy.

1st Gareth Lambert & Andy Insley 60lb 8oz

2nd Ged Rigby & Dave Rigby 49lb 6oz
3rd Paul Mac & Kevin Hall 48lb 10oz
4th Joe Farrell & Jim evans 46lb 3oz

You can contact the Liverpool DAA at