A Dumfries Buddhist blasted a verbal volley of abuse at cops and yelled: “I am going to eat Scottish babies”.

Julian Hyde-Chambers, 40, erupted with fury when officers arrived at his home in Alloway Avenue following reports of a disturbance.

The incident happened on January 4 last year following a bust-up with his neighbour about a day after he moved into the flat.

Hyde-Chambers’ solicitor, Dominic Kearney, pleaded guilty on his client’s behalf at Dumfries Sheriff Court to the offence.

Sheriff Colm Dempsey heard that the police had been called by a concerned neighbour and when officers arrived at the scene they could hear shouting from within a flat.

They gained entry through the communal close and on the second floor heard items being thrown about in the property and a male voice shouting, but it was unclear what he was saying at the time.

The officers then entered the flat as the door was unlocked which provoked a furious response from Hyde-Chambers.

He shouted at them: “I’m going to eat Scottish babies. I cut Lee Rugby and I will do you and my neighbour too and bury the bodies with the rest of the pile at Eskdalemuir and you’ll never be found.

“I could blow up Tesco - I don’t care.”

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Solicitor Mr Kearney told the court that his client was going to move back “down south” and added: “The background to this is that Mr Chambers had only moved in a day or so before he and the neighbour had a run-in.

“Mr Chambers is quite an unusual individual and an alternative character.

“He previously worked for Westminster Council in waste management.

“He is a Buddhist and for some time he travelled for charities.

“He comes across as a bit odd and his background involves mental health issues and he accepts he had a bit of an episode that day.

“In his own words he ‘lost the plot’.

“When the police came in he went off on one.

“He doesn’t have any particular connections to Dumfries.

“Things are better with his neighbour, although he doesn’t quite see eye-to-eye with him.”

Hyde-Chambers pleaded not guilty to refusing to give his details to police and this was accepted by the prosecutor.

Sheriff Dempsey deferred sentence on Hyde-Chambers to be of good behaviour for six months.

He ordered him to make a personal appearance at court on October 20.

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