A fuming mum has slammed Domino's after it told her son it would send his P45 due to his 'continual non-attendance' - while he was in hospital with a brain bleed.

Thomas Mabbitt, 18, suffered the serious head injury after being knocked off his bike on February 3 and was admitted to St Mary's Hospital, in Paddington, London.

Mum Julie Mabbitt told his employers about the accident the following day, and when Thomas awoke two weeks later, he texted them the awful news that he was facing rehab due to brain damage.

Despite sending a third update on his condition on February 19, Julie was horrified when her son received an email informing him they would be sending him his P45 due to his 'continual non-attendance'.

The 39-year-old also claims that despite her son signing a contract stating he would be on £8 an hour, the branch sent over a new version which lowered his pay to just £6.45 - reducing the amount he believes he was owed for his shifts by £50.

Thomas' mum Julie said she alerted his employers the day after the crash
Thomas' mum Julie said she alerted his employers the day after the crash

After the furious mum emailed his bosses to complain, emails show they quickly backtracked and claimed they never raised his P45 in the end and put it down to a 'miscommunication'.

Julie claims Domino's behaviour has only made Thomas' ordeal even worse, as the youngster faces a long journey of recovery, as he is now classed as a vulnerable adult and worries over his future employment opportunities.

Domino's have since expressed their 'sincere apologies' to Thomas and his mum and have confirmed they are investigating the incident, while confirming Thomas' position remains open under the 'original contract terms'.

Julie, from Watford, said: "I think it's absolutely awful.

"They said there was a miscommunication, but at the end of the day, we had informed them [Thomas was ill]. They tried to sack him while he was in intensive care with brain damage.

Thomas during his stay in hospital in Paddington, North London
Thomas during his stay in hospital in Paddington, North London

"I told them he was in hospital with an accident on February 4.

"Domino's said it was a miscommunication. They should have all my details. If they wanted to know about Thomas, they should have contacted me asking how Thomas is and what's going on, but they didn't.

"They went and text Thomas. Thomas informed them he had brain damage and a bleed on the brain, then they continued to [try to] fire him a few days later.

"Thomas was worried in general. He has no income, he's having to sign on and he's got nothing to look forward to. I'm paying his bills for him and he didn't need the added aggro of being emailed and texted by them."

Thomas was injured while riding home from work
Thomas was injured while riding home from work

Thomas was lying in hospital recovering while his mum fought his side with Domino's, emailing a member of staff to try and get hold of his contract for insurance purposes.

She claims after sending one contract stating her son's hourly rate was £8, the employee attempted to recall the email three times, before providing an 'amended' contract stating he was on £6.45 per hour instead.

Julie said: "While he was in hospital, I informed Domino's store manager that my son was involved in an accident and won't be coming in.

"He was in hospital for two weeks, then went into a rehab unit. In that time, his manager text him and Thomas went 'I've got a bleed on the brain and brain damage'.

"On the Monday, he got an email from a manager saying he'd been fired.

"They emailed him. Bearing in mind I had informed them, and Thomas had text them, saying he was in hospital and had a bleed on the brain.

Thomas' damaged Domino's Pizza uniform
Thomas' damaged Domino's Pizza uniform

"I was like 'you can't fire someone while they're in hospital and I have informed you'.

"I kept saying to them can I have Thomas' contract [and saying] I want to know his wages, what he's entitled to.

"All I really wanted was his contract because we're going through a personal injury claim.

"I've even stated I need the contract for legal reasons, then they've done all this, amending their contracts. It's awful.

"They've emailed his contract which states he was on £8 an hour. Then they tried to recall this because on his payslip, it said he was only on £6.45.

"They tried to recall that contract three times, but I'd already opened the email so they couldn't retract it.

Julie has hit out at Domino's Pizza after it told her son he would be receiving his P45
Julie has hit out at Domino's Pizza after it told her son he would be receiving his P45

"They then sent me a new email, with a contract saying he was on £6.45. Luckily, Thomas had a photo of the original contract stating he was on £8 per hour.

"I managed to claw back about £50 of what Tom's [earned]. They now said they've kept his job open, but I've had no other correspondence from them at all.

"They turned around and said they're not firing him now, they're retracting it. He's still on their books."

Now Thomas is recovering from a diffuse axonal brain injury, which occurs when the brain shifts rapidly inside the skull, though his brain damage 'can't be fixed'.

As well as coming to terms with his injuries, he has been forced to pause his college course, after which he hoped to become part of the Royal Artillery.

Julie said: "Thomas is doing okay, but brain damage can't be fixed. He's got a diffuse axonal injury.

"He's still an outpatient, so he's got occupation therapists. He's also now got epilepsy secondary to the incident.

"He's still quite poorly and he'll be classed as a vulnerable adult now.

"He won't be able to work for a year and can't ride his motorbike at all because of the bump to his head.

"Thomas is coping with his injuries and what's going to happen to him in the future.

"Thomas was just starting [an online college course]. He wanted to do the Royal Artillery. He wanted to be like a Queen's guard."

Nina Arnott, a spokesperson for Domino's, said: "We were very concerned to learn about these allegations, and we are grateful to Mrs Mabbitt for raising this issue during a difficult time for Thomas and the family.

"We have passed on our sincere apologies to Thomas and Mrs Mabbitt and assure them we are fully investigating this matter with the franchisee who runs our Radlett store.

"We would like to offer further support as Thomas continues his recovery and can confirm his position remains open under the original contract terms."