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Amy Coney Barrett CONFIRMED as Supreme Court justice as Senate votes in favor of Trump pick in pre-election victory


THE Senate confirmed Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court on Monday evening, handing President Trump a major campaign promise a little more than a week before the presidential election.

Barrett, an originalist protege of Justice Antonin Scalia, was a divisive candidate who split votes along party lines, 52-48.

Democrats rallied in opposition of Barrett’s appointment, stating that it was too close to Election Day to fill the seat left vacant by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

It was such an approach that Republicans also stood behind in 2016, when the party blocked the appointment of Judge Merrick Garland, who had been nominated to the court by President Barack Obama.

Republican Senator Mitt Romney of Utah, who is one of few Republicans who have regularly challenged Trump, said that Barrett’s appointment was essential in maintaining public trust in the U.S. institution.


Meanwhile, in a video shared on Twitter, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer accused Republicans of committing "one of the greatest acts of hypocrisy that has ever occurred in the Senate."

Schumer also pointed out that the dying wish of Justice Ginsburg was that she be replaced after the next president of the United States has been decided.

Barrett, 48, is President Trump’s third nominee to the Supreme Court.

She will be sworn in at a White House ceremony by Justice Clarence Thomas after her confirmation vote, according to multiple news reports

During her confirmation hearings, the Judge Barrett probed on topics that will likely shape the nation for years to come – even after President Trump has left office.

In November, Barrett will begin hearing cases tied to the Affordable Care Act, immigration plans, and the rights of same-sex couples.

It is also possible that the Barrett could hear challenges that will arise from the presidential race itself.

North Carolina and Pennsylvania – both battleground states – may see challenges about the date by which absentee ballots are accepted.

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