A nanny who was hired to look after a Scottish couple's baby has told how she has ended up raising him for the first 10 months of his life.

Kristie Baysinger, from Texas, claims she collected baby Alexander from the surrogate in Oklahoma after his parents were unable to fly from Scotland to pick him up due to coronavirus restrictions.

Due to Scotland's travel ban and issues with social security, the nanny says she was forced to raise the newborn from birth - who can now say the word 'mum'.

She shared the heartbreaking story of how rewarding, yet challenging it has been in a TikTok video that has racked up almost one million views, The Mirror reports.

Kristie Baysinger, from Texas, collected baby Alexander from his surrogate mum

In the clip, she explained: "My agency called me and said: 'Hey, can you come pick up this new surrogate baby from this surrogate who does not want to take him home?'

"So, we went to Oklahoma to pick him up."

However, the process of getting a social security number has been "a struggle".

She said: "We've been getting no feedback. We've called social security administration and they say we're in the loop just like everybody else is.

"We're just doing our best over here and just raising this little boy and just being as sweet as we can until he can return home to his parents."

She treats Alexander just like her own child

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Kristie went on to say how the family are waiting to see if his parents back in Scotland can get their passports sorted so they can come and pick him up.

If not, she'll be travelling to Scotland with baby Alexander and her family to "help with the transition."

"They miss him terribly and want to see him, and they talk to him daily," she said.

"Hopefully his social security gets here soon so that I can apply for his passport and we can get him back home."

In another video, the nanny, who is a mum of three children, said that she treats the baby like one of her own kids.

She's waiting to see if Alexander's parents can travel from Scotland to pick him up

She explained: "We give him all the hugs and love and attention and everything that he needs so that he can grow.

"We don’t hold back, he’s spoiled, he’s loved, and played with, and sang to. Just like he was my own kid."

One person said: "I can't imagine being his biological parents who are missing out on so much life!"

Another added: "Poor baby. The trauma he is going to go through once he's away from you. Breaks my heart just thinking about it."

While another wrote: "So sad his parents are missing his first year of life."