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American mum posts pic of her ‘perfect’ roast dinner but Brits are fuming about her one massive mistake

 AN American mum has been blasted online by furious Brits after she posted pictures of her "perfect" roast dinner.

After joining a Facebook group for dinner hacks, data analyst Megan Torres-York, 36, from New Jersey, US, was inspired by pictures of the classic British meal.

She then spent a whole day making the meal consisting of roast chicken, roast potatoes, parsnips, gravy, carrots and cauliflower and broccoli cheese.

Megan said: “I kept seeing those roast dinners on the group and couldn’t believe how giant the meals were.

“Us Americans are supposed to be known for being large, but I had never seen a meal bigger than the roast dinner.”

Megan said although she knew the meal would not turn out to be perfect, she was determined to give it a good go.

Despite having trouble sourcing swede in the US, her family enjoyed the meal who requested it again the following week.

But when Megan posted pictures of the meal on Facebook, Brit users were not impressed with her cheesy broccoli dish.

“We don’t really eat cauliflower cheese here, but broccoli and cheese are a thing, so I went with that, I was of course apologetic to the commenters for adding that to the roast."

Megan said: “The biggest lesson I learnt was to never skip mashed potatoes because everyone was shocked that I didn’t have that included, but it’s an awful lot of carbs if you have roast potato as well.

“I never knew Brits were so passionate about their mash."

However, she questioned how Brits found the time to prepare the much-loved meal on a weekly basis.

“What I don’t understand is how on Earth Brits have the time to make this every week.

"It’s the type of meal we have for public holidays like thanksgiving, not just because it’s the weekend."

As determined as ever, she has vowed to give the meal another go, this time with roast beef.

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