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American Horror Story fans left reeling after discovering how every season is officially connected

AMERICAN Horror Story has had fans around the world gripped for nine seasons so far.

Creator Ryan Murphy has teased on a number of occasions that each series in the anthology horror are connected, with some links being more obvious than others.

With the most recent series - AHS: 1984 coming to an end this month - and a 10th season already commissioned, here's a guide on how all the series so far are officially linked.

Murder House (2011)

The first series in the anthology, it has direct connections to Coven, Hotel and Apocalypse seasons.

The half ghost child from Murder House grows up to be Michael Langdon, the son of Satan who terrorises people in Apocalypse.

Then the witch Madison - played by Emma Roberts - actually visits Murder House, and her first appearance was in Coven, so the seasons all exist in the same universe.

Additionally, Sarah Poulson's chain smoking psychic from Murder House reappears as a guide to ghosts in Hotel.

Asylum (2012)

The second series links directly to four other seasons; Freak Show, Cult, Roanoke and 1984.

The key to the connections is Briarcliff and its residents, as Asylum's Pepper also appears in Freak Show.

Meanwhile Sarah Poulson's fearless reporter Lana Winters is Asylum's main protagonist before reappearing in Roanoke and Cult.

Finally, Briarcliff is visited in 1984 by Margaret and her tours of places where horrific crimes have taken place.

Coven (2013)

The third series is connected to four other ones; Murder House, Apocalypse, Hotel and Roanoke.

The connection between Coven and Murder House via Apocalypse has previously been explained, but Apocalypse also revealed what Hotel Cortez actually is.

Roanoke then bridged the two separate universes thanks to Lady Gaga's character Scathach, a powerful witch who turns out to be the first Supreme of the line of witches followed in Coven.

In turn this means Murder House, Apocalypse and Hotel are connected to Asylum, Freak Show, Cult and 1984.

Freak Show (2014)

The fourth series isn't just connected to Asylum by Pepper, the two are also linked by the same Nazi doctor and Sister Mary Eunice.

Freak Show also has direct connections with Hotel and Cult, with the latter series featuring Twisty the Clown - who killed plenty of characters in Freak Show - as a comic book character.

Meanwhile the deranged mother and son duo are related to Edward Phillipe Mott who created the mansion in Roanoke, which means Freak Show and the sixth season share some of the same history.

Hotel (2015)

The fifth season has four direct connections with Murder House, Coven, Apocalypse and 1984.

As previously explained, Coven's Madison and Queenie were trapped at Hotel Cortez, while psychic Billie Dean appears in Murder House and Hotel.

Finally, infamous serial killer Richard Ramirez was a resident of Hotel Cortez but also played a big part in 1984.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse trailer sees Supreme Cordelia Goode confront antichrist Michael Langdon

Roanoke (2016)

Series six is directly connected to three series in the anthology; Coven, Freak Show and Asylum.

The Mott family own the mansion in Roanoke and Gloria and Dandy Mott appear in Freak Show.

As previously explained, Asylum's Lana Winters appears at the end of the season, linking the two in the same universe, while Lady Gaga's character links to the witches in Coven.

Cult (2017)

The seventh series links to two others, Asylum and Freak Show thanks to Lana Winters and Freak Show killer Twisty the Clown.

However it's not clear if the Twisty in Cult is just a comic book character in that universe or is based on the real killer clown.

Apocalypse (2018)

Series eight has three direct links - to Murder House, Coven and Hotel - and spent much of the season dropping Easter Eggs for them.

As Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) visits Murder House, the realtor tells her another couple with the surname Montgomery used to live there.

The couple in question is Charles and Nora Montgomery, who could well be related to Madison.

1984 (2019)

The most recent series in the anthology has direct connections with Asylum and Hotel.

As well as Margaret taking tourists to Briarcliff from Asylum, the series' major killer Richard Ramirez first appeared as a trapped resident in Hotel.

Margaret Booth finally gets her comeuppance and is killed and thrown in a wood chipper in the American Horror Story 1984 finale



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