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Amazon trailer for Untitled Horror Movie leaves viewers ‘terrified to use Zoom’ with possessed laptop scenes

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UNTITLED Horror Movie has left horror fans questioning their lockdown lifestyles after depicting scenes of a terrifying movie filmed on zoom.

The movie, set for release on Amazon Prime and iTunes next month, sees six actors inadvertently summon "a spirit with an affinity to violence."

They are trying to crate a horror film at home after their original TV show gets scrapped.

Problem is, the film producers who they are pitching to simply don't believe them when they say the paranormal activity is real

The nail-biting trailer shows Shadowhunters star Kate McNamara, who plays Chrissy, trying desperately to get out of a door as she wails: "I don't know if anybody is going to see this."

She is later seen looking distressed and with a black eye, chanting: "I didn't film that."

As her co-stars call for her to contact the police, they warn the spook could "still be in her house."

Chrissy's zoom screen flickers off and she is later seen brandishing a knife.

It remains to be seen what happens to the cast, which also include Luke Baines and The Umbrella Academy's Emmy Raver-Lampman.

With the movie predominantly filmed on zoom via the cast's phones, this has led to some fears of going on zoom - with fans "terrified" just in case the same happens.

One Twitter user posted: "I’m so torn! Horror movies freak me out big time but I love Kat and Luke!"

Luke co-wrote the film and plays Declan, recently told Vanity Fair: “We had to test everything, make sure everything worked, and then essentially make up little boxes that were delivered to everybody contact-free, because at that stage, we were very much in a lockdown and we didn't obviously want to get anybody sick.”

Meanwhile Kat has teased further details about her character in a Tweet, writing: "Meet Chrissy - over committed and under informed. Great with crystals. Not so great at calling 911… Grimacing face#UntitledHorrorMovie premieres June 12!"

Untitled Horror Movie will be available to download on iTunes and Amazon from June 15.

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