An all-civilian crew have made it back to Earth after a three-day journey into space.

The astronauts, who travelled onboard Elon Musks SpaceX rocket ship after paying an undisclosed fee, splashed down in the waters off Florida, safe and sound.

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The flight launched on Wednesday and included an e-commerce executive who reportedly paid £200 million for a space.

The crew orbited the Earth at an altitude of 363 miles, which is higher than the International Space Station and the highest altitude travelled by humans in years.

Earlier today, the four-person crew, named the Inspiration4 team- who landed just after midnight on Sunday UK time - broadcast a live-stream.

As the SpaceX capsule flew at around 17,500 miles per hour over Europe, one member of the played a few chords on a ukulele.

Vessels approaching the capsule to help retrieve the capsule (


The lift-off a SpaceX Falcon9 carrying the Inspirational4 crew three days ago (


John Kraus/HANDOUT/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock)

Commander Jared Isaacman said: "We're really proud to share this experience with everyone. We know how fortunate we are to be here."

Mr Isaacman conceived the idea of the mission to raise awareness and support for one of his favourite causes, St Jude's Children's Research Hospital, a leading paediatric cancer centre in Tennessee.

The crew also shared a glimpse of their views of the earth through the ship's observation dome.

Inspiration4 crew (L-R) Jared Isaacman, Hayley Arceneaux, Christopher Sembroski and Sian Proctor (


Inspiration4/AFP via Getty Image)

Other members of the team - named Inspiration4team - were selected through a competition and included a geoscientist, a physician assistant and a data engineer.

They are commander Isaacman, 38, Sian Proctor, 51, Hayley Arceneaux, 29 and Chris Sembroski, 42.

The team spent five months preparing for the flight and had to go through altitude fitness, centrifuge (G-force), microgravity and simulator training, emergency drills, classroom work and medical examinations.

It is the first all-civilian crew ever to circle Earth from space. They have all be strapped into the pressurised cabin of the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule, which has been branded Resilience.

It is the first all-civilian crew to circle the Earth (


John Kraus/HANDOUT/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock)
The amateur astronauts stream themselves from space (


Inspiration4/AFP via Getty Image)

On Wednesday, it flew into the skies perched on top of one of the company's reusable two-stage Falcon 9 rockets and fitten with the observation dome in place of its usual hatch.

It reached orbit almost 10 minutes after its launch.

The rocket's first-stage booster then separated from the spacecraft's top half, descended back to Earth and touched down safely on a landing platform floating in the Atlantic ocean on a drone ship named Just Read the Instructions.

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