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Alex Jones reveals The One Show STILL hasn’t signed Matt Baker’s replacement and will have a different hosts every week

ALEX Jones has revealed The One Show are yet to sign a replacement for co-host Matt Baker.

The presenter says the popular BBC show will instead introduce a new co-host every week following Matt's departure.

Speaking to the Sun's TV Mag, Alex, 43, admitted the team are struggling to find someone good enough to replace the dad-of-two after years of working together.

She said: "It’s very sad. From the first day in March, I’ve been up every night thinking about it. We’ve sat next to each other for nearly a decade. I always know what he’s going to say and when he’s going to speak just by the way he moves his arms, or the way he breathes.

“We decided that we aren’t going to rush into a decision of who to replace him. Matt nailed it, but it’s a hard job. And it’s got to be someone I can have a laugh with.

"We’ll probably have guest hosts a week at a time over summer. We’ve been racking our brains and there are lists and lists [of people], but I think the right person will become obvious in their own way."

Alex continued: "There are loads of presenters and comedians I would love to see doing it permanently – my dream co-host is an amalgamation of different people – but they have got commitments. I’m hoping the universe will send the right person.”

And while Matt may be heading off to new pastures, Alex insists she isn't ready to take the leap just yet.

The host - who left the show in April last year to prepare for the birth of her son Kit - explained she's still got a few more years left.

Alex added: "I’ve had nearly a year away to be a full-time mother [to baby Kit and three-year old Teddy], so I feel like I’ve had a break and am completely refreshed.

“I would like to stay for the foreseeable future. It’s my dream job. The last decade of my life has been the most defining for me: I met my husband; we bought our first house and moved to London; we had both of our children. Everything has happened while I’ve been on the show.

"People talk about wanting to do a Saturday night show, and of course, I have ambition, but I think the hardest thing in this industry is to have longevity. You’ve got to stay relevant and good at a job.”

In December, Matt, 42, revealed he had quit The One Show after nine years at the show's helm.

He said: "The One Show has been a massive part of my life for almost a decade now and I have loved every second of being a part of it. But I am going to be leaving this green sofa in the spring."

The host has since been forced to take a break from the weekday evening chat show due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The presenter is working from home for two weeks as he self-isolates after revealing a family member had a cough.

Emotional TV presenter Matt Baker says he's leaving The One Show

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