Supermarket giant Aldi is launching its own-brand dupe of the most popular sell-out dessert trend this year.

Aldi is launching a version of the Japanese-inspired premium dessert, Mochi Balls, after they caught the attention of over 500 million viewers on TikTok.

For those who haven’t discovered the in demand treat yet, the mochi balls are delicious bite sized sweet treats, made using an array of ice cream flavours and delicately wrapped in a tasty rice flour dough.

Aldi’s Wao Mochi Balls will be available from 17 th May in three variants, including tropical, mango and coconut.

At £3.49 for a box of six 35g balls, Aldi’s dessert balls are more than 20% cheaper than Tesco and Ocado - where a box of six 32g Little Moons balls will set you back £4.50.

But despite mochi being a viral sensation, Aldi shoppers are divided.

Responding to the new product in a Facebook group for Aldi shoppers, one person said: "Cannot wait I love these."

"Not gonna lie I’m so excited I love little moons," wrote a second.

Others weren't so convinced, as one person commented: "They are not nice."

"We was fortunate to taste mochi in japan and we didn't like it, but with the ice cream in the middle they are lovely," said somebody else.

Aldi’s Wao Mochi Balls will be available from 17 th May.