Alan Shearer has slammed David de Gea for his part in Arsenal’s controversial opener against Manchester United.

The goalkeeper stayed down injured after being trodden on by his team-mate Fred, with Emile Smith Rowe proceeding to drive the ball into the net.

Referee Martin Atkinson had looked set to not award the goal as De Gea received treatment, with the Spanish stopper getting back up shortly after to continue with the game.

After consulting with VAR though, Atkinson awarded the goal, with his decision not to blow his whistle until the ball hit the back of the net proving crucial.

United’s players reacted angrily to the goal being awarded, although most fans and pundits watching on agreed that it was the right decision.

And Shearer, watching on as part of Amazon Prime Video’s coverage, slammed De Gea for his part in the incident.

“I didn’t see or hear the referee blow, and I didn’t see a serious foul on the goalkeeper, and it’s only when you see it closely that his own player actually stands on him,” Shearer said.

“I don’t think I’m being too harsh here, but I don’t think the game’s changed that much – I think that happens in every game, someone standing on your foot and ankle.

“With him going down like that, not a care to where the ball is, yes they hurt but I’m not sure he should be staying down like that.

“He’s up a minute later on his feet anyway, so it couldn’t have hurt that much.”

Some fans had argued that United should have been allowed to score unopposed given De Gea had been down injured, although Shearer disagreed with that view.

“There’s an argument, if it had been a serious injury and he couldn’t have carried on and had to be stretchered off, then there’s an argument in terms of the fairness of the play.

“Then you could have asked the question of whether Arsenal should let Man United score, but he’s up on his feet a minute later, he’s walking around, he’s not limping. I think you get them in every game.”

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