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Alan Carr reveals he’s gained three stone during lockdown and wants to try weight loss wonder drug


ALAN Carr revealed he's gained three stone during lockdown and now wants to try a weight loss wonder drug.

The chat show host, 44, said he's been on "so many diets" but "ballooned" when he ate too much banana bread.

But Alan said he wants to try the wonder drug "semaglutide" to shift the pounds.

Speaking with comedian Tom Allen on his Life's A Beach podcast, he said: "I've been on so many diets, like that woman," comparing himself to the diet-pill obsessed mother in Requiem for a Dream.

He added: "I can't wait for that pill."

The weekly semaglutide drug - used to treat type 2 diabetes - helped adults shed 2.4 stone in just over a year, a study claimed.

Alan previously revealed he was too fat to fit into coats after eating too much in lockdown.

Speaking to Heat magazine, he said: "The first time I was like, 'Oh my god I can just stay home and eat, eat, eat'.

"I made all the banana bread, I was getting really fat and was like 'Ha ha no one can see me'. I got into Netflix, read all my books, had my jigsaw puzzles.

"Then lockdown two, I suddenly became a key worker because I leave the house for work and I was like, 'S***! I need to lose two stone overnight'."

He continued: "For lockdown three, I'm losing weight and I'm not going to eat banana bread and I'm going to do one bit of walking a day."

Alan previously made a pact with Judge Rinder to lose weight - and whoever retained the most amount of fat would be made to pay for a meal.

The comedian told The Mirror: "I rang Rob up last year and said, ‘I am fat.’ He said, ‘I am fat’. So we sent each other pictures and both agreed we were fat.

"We decided whoever had lost the least amount of weight by November 2nd would pay for dinner."

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