The Strictly Come Dancing curse may have been broken – as love has been ignited by single participants AJ Odudu and Kai Widdrington.

The couple have been sending temperatures soaring with their sizzling dance routines which have been dripping with chemistry.

And now the spark of romance has ignited into an inferno of love between 33-year-old TV presenter AJ and 26-year-old dance professional Kai.

Sources close to the couple on the set of Strictly have teased that the pair have gone official with a romance after falling for each other during their training sessions.

While the claims have come hot on the heels of footage showing Kai whispering to AJ following a performance: “I love you, I love you so much.”

AJ Odudu and Kai Widdrington have reportedly embarked on a romance (



The source told the Mail on Sunday: “Kai thinks A. J. is sexy.

“They have this lovely romance going on, things have definitely changed in the last week or so and they are inseparable, not just as dance partners but away from that, too.

“It's nice to see a Strictly romance where there is no curse, just two people who have fallen head over heels for each other.

“Those involved in the show have been watching this closely over the weeks and have thought this was always on the cards. It's lovely.”

The pair have set pulses racing with their sizzling routines (



Strictly has since the very first season been a hotbed of sexual attraction – with a superstitious ‘curse’ being attached to the show since happily partnered contestants have a tendency to dump their significant others to embark on a romance with their dance partner.

AJ and Kai have both been single since filming began on Strictly’s 19th season back in September.

Kai had previously featured on Ireland’s version of Strictly, called Dancing With The Stars, where he performed alongside then-girlfriend Giulia Dotta.

The pair dated for five years before splitting up towards the end of last year – with Kai then joining the cast of Strictly in July this year.

She said: "Right, So Kai has not only been teaching me how to dance but he's been teaching me how to act. There's a lot of passion, there's a lot of chemistry, there's a lot of romance, it's thrilling!

Kai and AJ have fallen each other thanks to being partnered on Strictly Come Dancing (



"And in practice, I could not look at Kai without bursting out into laughter.

"But now hopefully come Saturday night, I'm going to look at him eye to eye, look in love and it's going to be amazing. But it is awkward!"

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