CBD has become one of the most prolific substances in health and wellness circles today, having grown steadily in popularity over the last few years.

CBD can be taken in a range of different forms, from infused oils and tinctures to a wide selection of edibles and much more. Various CBD topicals also exist, from face creams and muscle balms to soaps and shampoos.

These CBD products use transfollicular absorption -meaning the CBD enters the skin via hair follicles- to allow CBD to affect a specific area of the body at the surface level. Of the many topical products available on the UK market, CBD Bath Bombs are the most novel and currently one of the most popular.

With many manufacturers producing CBD Bath Bombs to meet the demands of a rapidly growing customer base, finding out which one is right for you can be a challenge. To help you make the perfect choice, we’ve gathered the three best CBD Bath Bomb brands available in the UK today.

Note: These products are suitable for people over the age of 18.

1. Orange County CBD

Orange County CBD is known as a rising star in the CBD world, being a relatively new manufacturer that has nevertheless made an impressive impact.

Their catalogue includes a wide variety of CBD products, from oils and tinctures to gummies and raw extracts. They haven’t forgotten about topicals, with their CBD Bath Bomb providing an excellent indulgent option for CBD users.

Orange County CBD bath bomb
Orange County CBD bath bomb

Packing 150mg of their multi-award-winning broad spectrum CBD into each bomb, Orange County certainly isn’t undercutting its customers when it comers to strength.

The rest of the product consists of a selection of conventional topical ingredients, using simple Epsom salts and natural fragrances to cater to those with sensitive skin. Whilst the CBD content contains no scent whatsoever, the product as a whole carries a subtle mix of citrus and pineapple to help add a sweet undertone to your usual bath routine.

CBD Bath Bombs have something of a bad reputation in CBD circles, with many lower quality products cutting corners in both strength and overall quality. Orange County CBD has tackled these problems head-on, providing a luxurious CBD Bath Bomb that mixes a well balanced recipe with a powerful kick of high-quality CBD.

It’s this attention to detail and all-round excellence that gives Orange County CBD the top spot as our UK CBD Bath Bomb of choice.


2. Swiss Peak CBD

Swiss Peak CBD takes a far more clean-cut approach to CBD use than Orange County, offering products that have an almost medicinal simplicity. With minimal additives designed to bring the CBD itself to the fore, Swiss Peak’s line of CBD Bath Bombs are an excellent example of their design ethos at work.

Swiss Peak CBD bath bomb
Swiss Peak CBD bath bomb

Coming either as a classic orange and pineapple or a mix of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry, Swiss Peak CBD is offering a pair of Bath Bombs to rival most conventional brands. They aren’t lacking in impact, as each bomb comes with 150mg of broad spectrum CBD.

With no excessive additives to get in the way, you can be sure that effects will be evenly spread across the body. Having developed a vegan-friendly recipe Swiss Peak CBD has made sure their Bath Bombs are as accessible as they are easy to use.

CBD Bath Bombs are an indulgence rather than a regular CBD dosing method, representing the chance to give a conventional relaxation routine an extra kick. Swiss Peak CBD has done precisely this, providing a pair of premium CBD Bath Bombs whilst sticking to their ethos of precisely designed CBD products.


3. Professor Herb CBD

Professor Herb is a standout in the world of CBD retail, being not just a manufacturer but also a prolific supplier of many different CBD brands. Their carefully curated web store offers some of the best in small-time CBD products that the UK market has to offer.

Whilst they haven’t made their own one yet, their choice to stock Redwood’s line of CBD Bath Bombs has proven to be an absolute success.

Redwood CBD bath bomb
Redwood CBD bath bomb

Each one of these hand-made CBD Bath Bombs contains 100mg of broad spectrum CBD, offering a concentration slightly below the average. Nevertheless, what these CBD Bath Bombs lack in strength they more than make up for in variety. Offering four different mixes -Earth, Health, Repair and Love- each variety contains a topical formulation specialised to deliver a distinct topical effect. With the added support of CBD, these Bath Bombs provide a self-care indulgence with an exceedingly wide appeal.

Professor Herb CBD has taken care to find an effective and diverse range of CBD Bath Bombs that serve the somewhat less-intense end of the CBD market.

Coming at an affordable rate and with a wider range than most other brands, Redwood was the perfect option. In all Professor Herb CBD has made an excellent choice in carrying Redwood, securing their place as a great supplier of UK CBD Bath Bombs.


What is CBD?

CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in all strains of the cannabis plant. Often extracted from hemp for use in UK products, CBD works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. This is a series of receptors found naturally throughout the human body.

Will CBD Bath Bombs get me high?

No, CBD Bath Bombs will not get you “high”. No UK legal CBD product will get you high. This is because CBD is non-psychoactive.

The compound in illegal cannabis products that gets a person “high” is called THC. Although CBD products may contain trace amounts of THC, UK law requires them to exist in a concentration of less than 0.2%. This is too small to have any noticeable psychoactive effect.

Why should I use CBD Bath Bombs?

CBD Bath Bombs are an example of a topical CBD product. CBD topicals offer a method of dosing CBD that avoids the internal aspects of CBD oils or edibles, instead penetrating just below the skin via hair follicles. By using a CBD topical the effects of CBD will remain at a moderate surface-level, a less invasive method that some users prefer. CBD Bath Bombs in particular provide this effect all over the body, rather than the specific area-focus one receives from balms and muscle rubs.

Where can I buy CBD Bath Bombs?

CBD products have benefitted from a rising popularity in recent years, one which lockdown certainly hasn’t dampened. As well as being available in several health shops, head shops and some supermarkets, CBD Bath Bombs can be purchased widely online.

Every product mentioned in this article can be purchased from its own website with support for home delivery in the UK.

If you want to find out more about CBD bath bombs you can visit the Orange County CBD website.