An exciting new project by the name of See The Vision has just been launched online.

Not only a street smart clothing brand aiming to bring fashion, colours and vibrancy to the world, See The Vision also has a social responsibility focus on helping to clothe and feed the underprivileged children.

A percentage of the profit for every item of clothing purchased will be donated to a registered charity that helps children in need both in the UK and globally, as the brand rolls out further.

Origins and future of See The Vision

See the Vision is the brainchild of D Jukes, a successful recording artist and producer, originally from New York but now living in London.

Throughout his career, Jukes has managed a number of artists, written lyrics, as well as produced and performed his own songs and videos.

Jukes’ inspiration for the See The Vision project was his mother who, during her lifetime, fostered more than 10 children, adopted five more, and had five of her own too.

The adopted and fostered children came from all backgrounds, nationalities and cultures - and she lovingly embraced and nurtured them until she passed away earlier this year.

The new clothing range has recently launched a unique line of colourful hoodies, with more products on the way soon

In honour of her memory and contribution to the children of the world, Jukes devised a brand and a vision, See the Vision.

The clothing range is starting out with a gorgeous array of colourful hoodies, all depicting what See the Vision means.

Plans are already underway to quickly expand to an entire stylish range of goodies for all to wear with pride.

Jukes said: “Everyone has sight, but not everyone has ‘vision’. Vision is essentially the ability to think about or plan for the future with imagination or wisdom.

“If every individual in the world can create a vision, a plan in their mind, then there is no limit to their achievements and success.

“We all need this, but in view of today’s exceptional challenges and obstacles, our kids need this more than ever before.”

London-based American recording artist and producer D. Jukes

Inspiring children to reach for the stars

With this in mind, Jukes is launching a schools campaign part of the See the Vision project

Jukes will be visiting schools and kids clubs with a motivational speech and mini-workshop to help children and teachers build dreams and vision.

Dreams can only be achieved by setting goals and ambitions on how to get there.

The talks will help spark children’s imaginations on how whatever they wish for can come true - whether a small business, big business, sports, culture, arts, music etc.

See The Vision aspires to lead the way for children, help them grow, and show them anything is possible in life.

See The Vision’s new website is set to launch soon - watch this spot!

To find out more about the project and purchase any clothing, visit See The Vision’s Instagram page @seethevisiononline.