CEO and founder of Bounce Curl, Merian, was always fascinated with natural ingredients and, with the help of her grandmother, she learnt how to mix them together to create special formulas, which always included black seed oil.

Now, running a successful natural hair care company, she carefully selects ingredients which help style, moisturise and hold beautiful curls.

Her relentless passion for success and hard work paid off and in 2015, Bounce Curl launched its first product, Light Hold Gel. Since then, the company and product range has grown and Merian has never looked back.

Empowering women

Merian hopes her success and growth in the business world will inspire women that they can do the same. As she continues to scale the business - which now ships internationally - she is committed to championing other women in business.

She said: “Women in the Middle East are essentially locked out of the business world, with only a few getting the opportunity to gain industry experience. It’s entirely out of the norm for a company to be led by a Middle Eastern woman.”

Merian has first-hand experience in how women are not encouraged to go into the business world in the Middle East as her grandmother and mother worked inside the home.

Fortunately, times are changing and Merian takes pride in being part of the generation of Middle Eastern women who are becoming business leaders and entrepreneurs.

This motivates her to work hard to succeed in business and pave the way for other women to follow their dreams. Merian's dream is to see more women venture into the entrepreneurial space and become business owners.

Merian continually advocates for change to break down any barriers that women face within the business industries.

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