There’s nothing better than finding your calling in life - that job or career path that you know was just meant to be yours.

Although for many people it can take a while to seek out, finding something that you enjoy and are skilled at can be so rewarding.

For Milad Sabr, this career was barbering.

L1 Styles, a barber based in Liverpool, took on Milad as an apprentice with no prior experience in 2015 after he moved here from Iran.

Since then, his career has been on an inspiring journey, learning all the tricks of the trade and working his way up through the business.

With the team at L1 Styles supporting Milad all the way, he is now one of the major shareholders of the business - and has just opened up his own branch in Clayton Square, the fifth location L1 now has.

He said: “I still have a lot to learn, but L1 Styles has taught me so well over the past seven years.

"I started right at the bottom, but every day I'm getting better. L1 Styles has supported me so much."

Months of searching

Milad has shown immense skills since he started at L1 Styles seven years ago
Milad has shown immense skills since he started at L1 Styles seven years ago

The start of Milad’s life in the UK didn’t start off as successful as you might expect.

For around a year since arriving in Liverpool from Iran, he was constantly getting turned away from anywhere he’d applied to work - many barbers included.

He said: “I was handing out CVs everywhere, but nobody would accept me.

“Then, I discovered L1 Style, who brought me in as an apprentice. They were the first place that said yes to me.”

Ergin Urus, who owns the branch on Richmond Street that Milad began working in, saw huge potential in him straight away, and said that if he stayed with him then he could teach him more and more.

Making progress

Milad learnt quickly and is continuing to develop his skills every day
Milad learnt quickly and is continuing to develop his skills every day

Within six months, Milad had completed most of his training and completed his apprenticeship before he'd even been there for a year.

And, with the help of Ergin and the team, his skillset continued to develop and impress anyone that had the pleasure of getting a haircut from him.

Authenticity and luxury are so important at L1 Styles, which is why each area of grooming - including hot towel shaves and beard trimming - were meticulously perfected before the apprenticeship was complete.

Not just colleagues, Ergin and Milad became fast friends and Milad's determination to move up in the business was met with open arms.

Ergin explained: "It's not something that happened overnight, but Milad impressed us so much.

"As a company, it's something I know that we can be really proud of."

A shock promotion

Milad has now opened his own barbers shop
Milad has now opened his own barbers shop

After spending a number of years providing excellent services and perfecting his craft, Ergin had some exciting news.

Milad explained: "About a year ago, Ergin asked me if I wanted to be his business partner. I thought he was joking, I wasn't expecting it at all.

"But we're more than business partners, we're great friends too - Ergin is like my brother.

"It's been a tough couple of months, but two weeks ago I also opened up my own shop."

As well as being one of the main shareholders of L1 Styles, Milad's stylish new shop is now open for business at Clayton Square.

From having no previous experience to opening your own business is something that doesn't come easily, but Milad has taken it in his stride and is looking forward to what the future holds.

Pop in for a trim

Milad, Ergin and the rest of the L1 Styles team understand that when you look good, you feel good too.

So, whether you just need a simple trim or something a little more luxurious, book an appointment today at any one of L1 Styles five branches across Liverpool.

There's no compromise on quality and customer satisfaction is always guaranteed, meaning you'll leave looking and feeling your absolute best.

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