Great Britain

Adults of all ages in hotspots should now be jabbed as fast as possible

Jab them up

WE are remarkably lucky in Britain that the anti-vax conspiracy-theory clowns gained so little traction.

Our jab take-up percentage is the highest on the planet.

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That is partly down to the excellent public health campaigns to advertise it.

It is also because most Brits are level-headed types overwhelmingly likely to trust the NHS over internet weirdos.

You know the sort we mean.

They inhabit a fantasy world in which the jabs are a ploy by a global elite to control populations’ minds — oddly, while also being untested and unsafe.

A world in which young adults “don’t need vaccines”, despite the fact they might still get Covid and can certainly transmit it.

With every new stat proving jabs have slashed hospitalisations and deaths, these dimwits look increasingly like Flat Earthers.

Except more dangerous.

Other factors also play a part in communities where take-up is lower and the Indian variant is spreading: Language barriers, religious worries, baseless fears of minorities being used as guinea pigs.

We should be persuading and even vaccinating those groups door to door.

The Government refuses to deviate from its successful, structured rollout.

But Britain is racing to get the whole nation jabbed and stop this new more catchy strain running rife, even if most people ARE protected against it.

With cases of it almost doubling since last Thursday, we seem to be losing.

Adults of all ages in those hotspots should now be jabbed as fast as possible.

Shop for Britain

WE salute all Sun readers who did their patriotic duty yesterday.

By which we mean shopped, ate and drank copious amounts and spent a fortune.

If you didn’t, we can hardly blame you given the weather in most parts.

For those who did, the mood of joyous liberation was hard to miss.

Likewise on the first planes out to the sunshine.

We spent £2.8million a minute yesterday and we must keep going.

Our economy needs the biggest pick-me-up ever.

If the rain keeps coming, where better to be than a warm pub, restaurant or cinema?

Harry kiri

RECKLESS Prince Harry is playing with fire.

He’s already trashed his popularity in Britain.

Now he’s told the Americans their cherished First Amendment rights to free speech and a free Press are “bonkers”, while admitting he doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.

His and Meghan’s business model relies on US viewers caring about the dirt they can sling at our Royals.

We doubt their interest extends beyond that.

And now this mega-rich, entitled English Prince has torn into their sacred US Constitution.

We hope he’s got a Plan C if the Yanks turn against him too.

Covid jabs open to 37-year-olds from TOMORROW to keep Indian variant at bay

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