Adee Phelan took aim at the government and prime minister Boris Johnson, with an expletive rant live on Good Morning Britain.

The hair stylist ended up swearing during his passionate speech, fed up with what was going on - amid his incredible gesture for the NHS.

He urged people to take a stand and help NHS staff amid the coronavirus pandemic, and said the government should be providing them with extra funds - amid companies getting money they may not need with the furlough scheme.

Suddenly, he blasted the government over their "bulls**t" claims about helping the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic, feeling the nurses and key workers had been let down.

Adee has been providing gift boxes to thousands of NHS staff containing hair equipment, but other bits too.

Adee Phelan blasted the 'bulls**t' government in a passionate rant live on GMB

From reusable and safe face masks to oxygen, he's gifting thousands and thousands of boxes and items for their hard work.

But his fury over the government handling of the pandemic and where the money is going led to him swearing on air.

Susanna Reid was caught off-guard as he began calling out the "bulls**t", telling Westminster to "get their s**t" together.

The stylist did apologise during his sweary early morning rant, but it was clear he was passionate and emotional about what he was doing.

Piers refused to apologise to viewers for the moment, and fans were equally on-side with the guest.

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