A teenage domestic abuse victim walked into a radio station in his pyjamas - after hearing a debate about the subject.

The 14-year-old boy had suffered problems at home made worse by the coronavirus lockdown, which saw him confined to his bedroom.

While in isolation he listened to a talk on BBC Radio Devon about domestic violence and abuse, and decided to walk out his home.

It gave him the courage to travel a "significant distance" to the station in Plymouth, a station boss said.

The teenager walked in and told staff he had been the victim of abuse and had listened to the discussion.

The teenager had heard a debate on domestic abuse on the radio

The lad said he wanted help and to share his own tragic personal story.

He was comforted and a support team from Devon and Cornwall Police was called to offer assistance.

BBC Radio Devon editor Mark Grinnell, said: "It was a sad story.

"A 14-year-old lad, a lovely guy, he had very sadly not left his bedroom for nearly a week because of some issues that he had been facing at home and obviously there are a lot of children at home at the moment who don't have a phone.

"He didn't have gaming technology, he was cut off from his school friends, teachers, and the people he would normally have found a lot of support from.

"But of course he did have a radio, and he heard our conversation discussing the potential increase in domestic abuse cases during this period that families are at home, and he just brought himself into the BBC.

"He got up in his pyjamas, put his coat on, packed a bag and arrived on our doorstep.

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"It's heartbreakingly sad really, to see this sort of young, articulate, intelligent young man who just felt that life was so desperate, he just had to get up and walk away."

It is thought the boy had been in his bedroom with nothing to do and with no contact - too scared to leave the room because of issues at home.

The vulnerable schoolboy had reportedly been confined to his bedroom for a week with no way of contacting the outside world after the coronavirus lockdown was announced.

Details of the case in Plymouth, Devon on Monday, were made public by BBC Radio 4 Today's programme.