An urban explorer has documented his findings inside a creepy abandoned home found hidden in the woods.

Daniel Sims, who goes by Bearded Reality on social media, has become well-known for seeking out abandoned properties in Huddersfield and sharing his fascinating finds.

He captures photos and videos to showcase the decline of historic premises and long-forgotten homes left frozen in time, as reported by Yorkshire Live.

His explorations include old hotels and colleges, and since lockdown has eased he went out to film at two abandoned homes on the site of a former psychiatric asylum, which has now become a student campus.

Daniel Sims has become well-known for seeking out abandoned properties

It's thought the home has been left abandoned for almost 30 years after the asylum closed down in 1991.

Daniel films as he climbs in through the window, finding walls covered in graffiti and a mattress dumped on the floor of a living area.

A trainer that has been left to gather dust on the fireplace is placed below a message written on the wall reading 'Don't touch the shoe', with the ground littered with debris and rubbish as wallpaper hangs off the walls.

There are bright colours on the walls and the floor is littered with rubbish
The walls are covered in graffiti

The urban explorer admits he gets nervous when he goes inside abandoned homes alone and gets spooked by a noise when he shines a torch up the darkened wooden staircase before making a swift exit.

He returns on another day with his friend to give it a second shot, sharing a video of their findings which includes a copy of a The Express newspaper from 1997 in a bathroom.

A single chair has been left in one of the rooms
One of the rooms has 'heroin hideout' painted on the wall

They also explored a second home nicknamed 'Tunnel Snakes House' after the bizarre graffiti on boards covering the windows, finding the interior in a similar state.

Daniel said: "I used to explore on my own but over time I've become used to exploring with other people as anything can happen in these places so I am just a bit careful and try not to take chances when I'm in a location with only a few exits.

"I've also been a bit jumpy since the haunted abandoned care home I went in at Oakes was set on fire."

He added it was clear youths had been gathering in the empty homes near the villages of Kirkburton and Thunderbridge, with some even going to the trouble of taking an Ikea armchair along to sit on.

You can find the Bearded Reality YouTube channel and check out Daniel's other videos by clicking here.