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A Place in the Sun’s Ben Hillman ‘shoots himself in the foot’ as house hunter breaks down in tears minutes into show

A PLACE in the Sun host Ben Hill was left stunned after his guest burst into tears - just minutes into viewing a property.

Jan and Bill wanted to find their perfect holiday home where they could make memories with their family and be close to a golf course in Costa Blanca in Spain.

In Tuesday's repeated episode, Ben was given the challenge to find a two-bedroom and two-bathroom house which also had a lot of outside space for parties and BBQ’s.

However, after introducing the couple to an idyllic holiday home in the sunny Alicante province, Jan was soon reduced to tears.

Introducing Jan and Bill for the show, Ben said: “Jan and Bill welcome to Costa Blanca, you guys kind of just ooze excitement and good energy.”

Bill agreed and said: “We do, we have bags of energy to do this,” with Ben continuing: “How long have you been planning this?”

Jan replied: “Actually, it was within the first ten minutes of meeting that we’d established we wanted a place in Spain.

“At the time, we were coming out every school holidays, school finished at four, and we were at the airport for six o’clock.

“My dad was very family orientated - and it was quality time - and that’s what we want to do for both of our families.”

Ben asked what their budget for the properties was, to which Bill revealed they were happy to spend £75,000 but were willing to spend an extra £10,000 if needed.


The first property Ben took the couple to was a two-bed townhouse in Santiago De La Ribera, which had everything they were asking for.

Being valued at £82,327, Jan and Bill were excited to see what the property had to offer and started off the tour at the pool.

“Wow,” Jan exclaimed. “It’s really nice, it’s a nice size for the children, I think, too.”

Taking their first steps inside the property, Jan exclaimed: “Oh Ben,” with Bill agreeing: “Ben, you have delivered here.”

Walking them through the house, Jan and Bill became more and more impressed with what they were seeing.

Taking them outside onto the roof terrace to see their view, Jan became emotional and ended up wiping away tears: “I can’t speak, sorry, I’m mentally putting where all the furniture is.

“I wouldn’t be doing that if I didn’t feel that this is actually Casa Millie, I can imagine and see us enjoying time with our families.”

After taking a look at the other properties, it was time for Jan and Bill to go away and think about where they could see themselves holidaying with their family.

The next day, Ben re-joined the couple where they informed him they were going to be buying the first property, which made Jan emotional.

They first put in an offer of £75,000, which unfortunately was denied with a counter offer of £78,500, to which Jan exclaimed to Bill: “I’ll never nag you again,” leaving them delighted as they accepted the offer.

A Place in the Sun continues on Tuesday at 4pm on Channel 4.