A convicted rapist was found hanged in his cell at Strangeways the day after being sentenced to 14 years in prison, an inquest heard.

Stephen Ferguson was branded a threat to the public by a judge after being found guilty of rape in September 2018.

The 33-year-old also admitted a charge of coercive and controlling behaviour.

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A jury inquest at Manchester coroners' court heard Mr Ferguson 'strongly denied' rape and was 'devastated' by the conviction and length of the sentence.

In a note found in his trouser pocket after his death on September 25, 2018, Mr Ferguson wrote: "I cannot do this anymore.

"It’s hurting me everyday knowing I didn’t do this, but here I am in jail.

"I am so sorry things have turned out this way. I didn’t do what she said I did. I cannot go on knowing I will not be with you all."

Mr Ferguson’s mum Diane Edmonds said her son had had a 'difficult' upbringing due to a violent relationship she was in at the time.

She said: "He was a good child. He was there for me. He used to try deflect the violence and he got the belt as well.

"He was a very loving child. We were very close. He was like the other half of me."

Assistant coroner Nick Stanage asked if being found to pose a serious risk to the public had had any 'particular impact' on him.

Ms Edmonds replied: "It just devastated him. He wasn’t expecting that."

Asked if she believed her son took his own life Ms Edmonds said: "I think when he got a sentence like that he had made his mind up. He had lost everything."

The inquest is expected to last three days.