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87 per cent of over 65s in Bradford have had Covid vaccine

ALMOST 90 per cent of all over 65s in the Bradford district area have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, but the district is still trailing behind the national average.

The figures, from NHS England, show how many jabs have been administered up to February 28.

In the Bradford district, 87 per cent of over 65s – 74,669 people – have had at least their first jab.

A further 75,791 people under the age of 65 have had at least once jab in the district.

However, the rate of vaccination in Bradford for over 65s is lower than the rate across the UK, which stands at 93.6 per cent.

In the over 80s cohort, 90.8 per cent of people have had a jab, and 90.4 per cent of people in their 70s have had their first dose.

Of people aged 65 to 69, 78.5 per cent have had a vaccine, within just over a fortnight of first being offered the jab as an age group.

Across the whole Bradford population, 30 per cent of the adult population has received a jab.

The figures have also been broken down by constituencies, with Shipley currently the most vaccinated area of the district with 40 per cent of the population vaccinated, and almost 93 per cent of over 65s.

These are the vaccination figures for each Bradford constituency, with the percentage of over 65s who have had a vaccine, and for the surrounding areas:

  • Bradford East: under 65s – 13,519, over 65s – 11,711 (83.5%)
  • Bradford South: under 65s – 13,918, over 65s –14,219 (88.6%)
  • Bradford West: under 65s – 12,866, over 65s – 10,374 (78.9%)
  • Keighley: under 65s – 11,893, over 65s – 18,264 (87.3%)
  • Shipley: under 65s – 13,595, over 65s – 20,101 (92.7%)
  • Leeds North West: under 65s – 10,938, over 65s – 14,544
  • Pudsey: under 65s – 11,789, over 65s – 17,321
  • Batley and Spen: under 65s – 15,240, over 65s – 17,503
  • Calder Valley: under 65s – 14,303, over 65s – 20,101
  • Skipton and Ripon: under 65s – 12,452, over 65s – 25,492

The proportion of people in Shipley and Keighley over the age of 65 is significantly higher than other parts of the district, which goes some way to explain why more people are vaccinated there than in other areas.

In Bradford West, only 21.6 per cent of adults have been vaccinated so far, but over 65s only account for 12.2 per cent of the area's population.

This is compared to Shipley where more than one in four adults are 65 and over, and Keighley the figure is 24.6 per cent.

In Bradford East 25.4 per cent of adults have been vaccinated, with only 14.1 per cent aged 65 and over.

Bradford South has seen 31.9 per cent of the total population vaccinated, where 18 per cent of adults are over 65.

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