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7pm Boxing news LIVE: Fury vs Wilder weigh-in TONIGHT, Gypsy King ‘not 100%’, Whyte and Joshua want winner in 2020


TYSON FURY is gearing up for his massive rematch with Deontay Wilder, who has revealed he broke his hand when facing the Gypsy King in 2018.

But there is already uncertainty should the fight go to a decision, with all the judges being American for the bout.

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  • Adam Storer 's avatarAdam Storer2 hours ago21st February 2020


    Tyson Fury is “crazy” for agreeing to three American judges calling his rematch with Deontay Wilder, according to former world champ David Haye.

    First time around, in California, the state commission sanctioned one Canadian, one Argentinean and one Brit official.

    On Saturday in Sin City, American referee Kenny Bayless will be assisted by three compatriots in Glenn Feldman, Dave Moretti and Steve Weisfeld, after Nevada picked from their pool of officials.

    And Haye cannot understand how Fury’s new team have not protested against the decision.

    The former heavyweight king said: “I do not know how there are three US judges, that is crazy.

    “How can there be a British fighter versus an American fighter and three American judges?

    “It makes zero sense and I don’t know how it got agreed. He really needs a British judge.

    “That should have been taken care of, I do not know how that slipped through the net.

    “There should have been one American, one Brit and one neutral. Wilder would never have agreed to three British judges.

    “I feel Fury’s best chance of winning is on points but having three American judges just takes away that glimmer of hope.”

  • Adam Storer 's avatarAdam Storer3 hours ago21st February 2020


    Conor Mcgregor has reacted to the news that Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury have been banned from their weigh-in face off before their heavyweight rematch on Saturday night.

    It's quite clear the Irishman relishes a face-off.

  • Adam Storer 's avatarAdam Storer5 hours ago21st February 2020


    Tyson Fury's camp manager Timothy Allcock has revealed That the Gypsy King has been far more disciplined ahead of his rematch with Deontay Wilder on Saturday night.

    The 31 year old would previously snack off fast food and drink coke – but apparently not anymore.

    Speaking to 'vegasinsider', Allcock said:”Tyson has been sparring amazingly. Everything has been put into place done properly has benefited him.

    “The big differences have been food, particularly strictness with what is in camp – silly little things like cans of Diet Coke have gone.

    “We've also cut a lot of out of the way in terms of people visiting the house willy nilly. There has been loads of different things which has brought together everything together like it should be to prepare for such a big fight.

    “It's been a hell of a lot more disciplined and it had to be a bit like this. The last fight was very much like Rocky III when he fought Mr T's character.”

  • Adam Storer 's avatarAdam Storer5 hours ago21st February 2020


    Here are what the current odds are looking like for Saturday night's main event.

    Deontay wilder to win: 10/11

    Tyson Fury to win: 1/1

    Draw or Technical draw: 20/1

    Wilder by Decision or Technical Decision: 8/1

    Fury by Decision or Technical Decision: 7/4

    Wilder – KO or TKO or Disqualification: 6/5

    Fury – KO or TKO or Disqualification: 9/2

    Fury – Points (Full Distance): 7/4

    Deontay Wilder – Points (Full Distance): 8/1

  • Adam Storer 's avatarAdam Storer6 hours ago21st February 2020


    Former WBO world heavyweight champion Joseph Parker has suggested as to who the winner of Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury should face – and he's given us his prediction for Saturday night.

    According to the Daily Mail, Parker said:“I want to see the winner challenge Joshua,” said Parker. “The reason I say that is because we’ve been talking about the undisputed champion for a long time. It’s important to give the fans what they want to see, who the best is in the division at this time.

    “I have to side with Fury on Saturday. I like his boxing ability and what he can do in the ring as a big man, moving, jabbing, combinations. I just hope it’s a great fight again.

    “The first fight was so exciting and controversial, I think. A lot of people thought Fury won the fight on points, other people thought because of the knockdowns Wilder won, so the rematch is going to be very interesting.”