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6 moments from amazing 6 months for Captain Sir Tom Moore

POP STAR, knighthood, massive fundraiser, national treasure - Captain Sir Tom Moore has packed a lot into the last six months his extraordinary life.

The 100-year-old Keighley-born World War Two veteran has been a beacon of hope for the world during a dark time as we all continue battle the coronavirus.

Captain Sir Tom was taken to the nation's hearts when he raised more than £32 million for NHS charities by completing a 100-lap walking challenge by his milestone birthday at the end of April after he answered a family bet.

Here is a look back at six of the biggest moments from Captain Sir Tom:

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Walking for our NHS heroes

Captain Tom Moore made headlines across the nation's papers in April by walking 100 laps of his garden by his 100th birthday at the end of that month.

Taking 10 laps a day, soon beat his original target of £1,000.

The captain, who uses a walking frame to help him, walked his final 10 laps on April 16.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Happy Birthday

Fundraiser extraordinaire Captain Tom Moore celebrated his 100th birthday on April 30 and thanked T&A readers for helping him raise his mammoth charity amount.

As he prepared to read goodwill messages in some of the 125,000 birthday cards sent by well-wishers from across the globe, Captain Tom told the Telegraph & Argus readers: “I am so deeply and sincerely grateful to the tremendous British Public and especially the readers of the paper for their help. You have shown me so much love.

“When we started off with this exercise, we didn’t anticipate we’d get anything near that sort of money. It’s really amazing.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Captain Sir Tom Mania

During lockdown in spring and summer, Captain Sir Tom was taken to the world's hearts, becoming a global celebrity overnight.

He appeared on chat shows galore, met some of the world's biggest stars including David Beckham and was even a record breaker.

The former Army officer, who served in Burma during the Second World War, holds the record for the largest sum ever raised in by an individual charity walk.

He also holds a second world record as the oldest person to have a number-one single in the UK charts after recording ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ with singer Michael Ball.

Captain Sir Tom has just released his autobiography, 'Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day', and there are plans for a film on his life next year.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Arise, Sir Tom

Captain Sir Tom Moore says his knighthood sounds rather nice and she revealed what it was like to meet the Queen.

He received his knighthood in person from the Queen in a special ceremony at Windsor Castle after the world has taken him to their hearts during the pandemic.

With her father’s sword in her hand, her Majesty lightly touched him first on his right shoulder then his left with the blade – dubbing him a knight.

The Queen and Captain Sir Tom Moore at his knighthood ceremony at Windsor Castle.

He said: “It was absolutely amazing. I never had such a time at all in my life.

“Being there speaking to the Queen was delighted. It was absolutely marvellous.

“When she tapped me on the shoulder, she did it so gently. She was the kindest person you could ever wish to meet.

“She said to my family that we have done so well.

It was an absolute pleasure and an honour to speak to the Queen so close

“It was a delightful time for me.

“Never, ever did I anticipate that I would be anywhere like that.

“It sounds rather nice, Captain Sir Tom Moore, but I am still Tom Moore. To the outside world I am still Captain Tom.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Back Home

CAPTAIN Sir Tom Moore returned to Keighley in July to attend a socially distanced civic reception in recognition of his fundraising feat.

He came home for the event, hosted by Keighley Town Council, Yorkshire Regiment and The Yorkshire Society, to unveil a plaque in acknowledgement of his fundraising efforts, ahead of Yorkshire Day

Captain Sir Tom Moore’s Twitter said: “Thank you for such a warm welcome. It's great to be back!”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Suits You, Sir!

A Bradford-based designer has made sure Captain Sir Tom Moore is suited and booted after kitting him out in designer wear.

IK Collections, led by owner Imran Khan, contacted the 100-year-old offering to design and make three suits for him.

The 100-year-old replied and invited Mr Khan to his home in July where he completed his 100-lap challenge.

Captain Sir Tom tried on his three suits for the first time when he came home to Keighley in July.

Mr Khan said: "We made three outfits for him.

"The suits he wore on TV did not seem to fit him.

"We sent him a letter and they contacted us. He said they put our letter to the top of their pile.

"We went to see him at his house in June. There was no social contact, which meant we could not measure him up.

"When he came to Keighley a couple of weeks ago, we went to see him.

"He tried all of the suits and everything fitted him perfectly. He kept saying thank you.

"He was telling me stories. He was really nice.

"It was amazing to make Captain Sir Tom's suit. I was so happy to see him in Keighley."

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