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5 top tips for cleaning your BBQ

With another potential heatwave on the cards, chances are you’ll be wheeling out the BBQ and firing up the grill.

But wait – when did you last use the barbie?

We haven’t been blessed with too many sunny spells of late and your cooking grates could still be caked with, well, something unsavoury.

Not the best start for the BBQ king or queen, who’s set their heart on sizzling skewers and juicy burgers.

Here’s how to prep your grill before you pour over those marinades…

1. The best way to tackle dirt is while it’s still hot

OK, so it’s easy to be wise after the event, but just so you know, it’s easier to get the dirt off a BBQ when it’s still warm. No-one wants to break up the party, but as soon as you’ve piled your plate high with the last sticky glazed rib, grab a fork to steady a pre-peeled onion (cut in half) and rub it around the hot grill bars. Helped by the heat, the onion’s natural juices will steam clean, break down the grease and remove any stuck-on food.

2. A spritz of vinegar keeps everything sparkling clean

It’s your go-to for cleaning windows, and a mixture of two parts household vinegar and two parts warm water will work wonders on the grill. Add some crumpled aluminium foil or a bristle-free brush (so they don’t break off and end up in the food… eek) to your armoury (try the GRILLART Grill Brush Bristle Free), spray the grates and scrape clean. And make sure to rinse well with water – you only want the taste of vinaigrette on your salad.

3. Baking soda is a no-brainer

We’ve armed ourselves with this fine white powder since day dot and what’s not to love about a non-scratch cleaner that’s cited as having 47 uses in the house – and the outdoor grill makes it 48. Mixed with water to form a paste, because it’s not abrasive, it won’t damage metal coatings when you sponge them down. Plus, it’s non-toxic.

4. Cheer for a beer while you’re being crafty with its bubbles

While there’s nothing like an ice-cold brew to satisfy your thirst, beer can also buff up your grill. Take half a can or bottle and pour it over warm grates, let the lager soak in for a while (this might be a good time to top up your glass or pull a tab) and then scrub with newspaper or a bristle-free brush to bring up a shine. Beer’s also known to remove rust.

5. Cover all the bases – literally

There’s no point going to all the effort of cleaning the cooking apparatus if the base is still a bit mucky. Get rid of all the old coals, wash the base down with warm, soapy water and let it dry naturally in the sun. Happy grilling!

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