UP to 300 trees will be planted at a site in Cullingworth after a new housing application was approved.

Bradford Council has granted planning permission to transform a kennel and cattery site at Hewenden, on Cullingworth Road.

An application submitted by the Midgley family called for the demolition of a number of vacant kennel buildings on the Green Belt site and the construction of a house in its place.

Two properties, 2 and 3 Hewenden, would be merged to form a single house.

Eleven Cypress trees at the site, which is next to Hewenden Beck, would be felled. But these trees would be replaced with a plantation of 300 trees.

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The developer will work with the Forest of Bradford project, which aims to plant thousands of trees throughout the District, to carry out the planting scheme.

The kennel buildings date back to the 1930s, but have not been used for this purpose for a number of years, and the application effectively brings an end to this use of the site.

Planning officers said: "The development will have an improved impact over the current sprawling site comprising numerous separate buildings on the openness of the Green Belt and the character of the landscape.

"There are no neighbouring residential properties nearby that would be affected and the change of use of the site from kennels to residential would lead to a de-intensification in activity and noise on the site and would ensure no impact on highway safety would result."