We all have that one pub or bar that we remember from some of our favourite nights.

But whether they welcomed generations of couples, families, or students, many of them have been lost to the years.

We asked Manchester Evening News readers to name some of their favourite pubs to visit in the 1990s that are no longer around - and here are just 15 of the names you suggested, as well as a number of bars.

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1. The Birch

The Birch, in Ashton, became a must-visit venue for music lovers in the 1970s and 1980s
The Birch, in Ashton, became a must-visit venue for music lovers in the 1970s and 1980s

Built in 1892 at a cost of £3,000, The Birch gained a new lease of life in 1973 when Ron Stubley became licensee - a position he would hold for 21 years.

Ron continued as manager after ending his spell as licensee in 1994, but after this time the pub wound down the live music events it was loved and renowned for.

The Birch ended up being doomed by work to complete the M60, which cut it off from passing trade, and by 2005 it had closed its doors.

Nearly 15 years after it was demolished, it's fondly remembered by M.EN. readers who tipped it as their favourite lost pub in response to our call for memories on our Facebook page.

As reader Anthony Ward put it: "The Birch, Ashton-under-Lyne. Especially the cellar bar. Great mates, good beer. Great music."

2. Shrewsbury Hotel

Pensioners outside the Shrewsbury Hotel in Clifton Street, Old Trafford, looking forward to their coach trip to Blackpool. September 28, 1966
Pensioners outside the Shrewsbury Hotel in Clifton Street, Old Trafford, looking forward to their coach trip to Blackpool on September 28, 1966

The Shrewsbury Hotel was located on Clifton Street, Old Trafford and attracted many regulars from the surrounding area.

Derelict by the early noughties, it's now a school.

It was fondly remembered by a number of our readers, including Tony Kirby and Kevin Gallagher. The latter wrote: "Shrewsbury Old Trafford, great times."

3. The Midway Hotel, Levenshulme

Site of the former Midway pub, Stockport Road, Levenshulme. 2021
Site of the former Midway pub, Stockport Road, Levenshulme in 2021

The Midway Hotel was on Stockport Road in Levenshulme, and its closure ended over a hundred years of history.

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In the years since it closed the building has housed a cash and carry and a private college.

It's missed by a number of our readers, including Dorothy Darbyshire and Nicola Strickland. Nicola remembers it for the 'live bands every weekend'.

4. Seven Stars

The Seven Stars pub stood on Tower Street in Heywood.

Many will remember the popular venue for its live music and performances from popular bands and DJs.

Rochdale psych-folk band Tractor, who were spotted by John Peel, were among bands that played there back in the day.

As Jackie Wainscott remembers it: "Great Bands on Thursday and Sunday nights. Saw Supertramp there in early seventies for 25p."

5. The Chestnut Lodge

The Chestnut Lodge, Patricroft
The Chestnut Lodge, Patricroft

The Chestnut Lodge was on Trafford Road, Patricroft.

In 2013, the MEN reported how police called time on the Eccles pub which by then had become a hotspot for anti-social behaviour.

The pub later closed and the building is no more.

Hayden Lufkin posted: "Chestnut Lodge, demolished not sure what for or why, was good pub, my first pint in there."

6. The Whitworth

The Whitworth pub, Moss Lane East, Manchester, Rusholme. 2008
The Whitworth pub, Moss Lane East, Rusholme. 2008

The Whitworth was on Moss Lane East, Rusholme.

It closed around ten years ago and was later converted into a café, Anchor Coffee House.

The building is now owned by Vinelife Manchester church.

Allan Calvert remembers: "The Whitworth on Moss Lane opposite the park. Sadly missed. Once a very very comfortable place to be."

7. The Dragon

The Dragon pub, Parr Lane, Unsworth, Bury. 2009
The Dragon pub, Parr Lane, Unsworth. 2009

Other M.E.N readers suggested The Dragon, which was located on Parr Lane, Unsworth, Bury.

Now a Co-op food, the pub closed over a decade ago.

In 2010, the MEN reported how nearly 200 people objected to the proposals.

8. Nowster

The Nowster pub in Oldham Road, Middleton
The Nowster pub in Oldham Road, Middleton

This pub, remembered by M.E.N readers Mark Mulligan and Geoff Collings, was on Oldham Road in Middleton.

Vacant from 2011, in 2018 the MEN reported how plans were submitted to demolish The Nowster and replace it with a GP's surgery and dental practice.

The pub was demolished in 2019.

9. The Ben Brierley

The Ben Brierley on Kenyon Lane, Moston, in 1890
The Ben Brierley on Kenyon Lane, Moston, in 1890

Named after the local writer and councillor, the Benjamin Brierley pub was on the corner of Kenyon Lane and Moston Lane.

The landmark building is still in the centre of Moston, but the pub has been closed for over a decade.

It's fondly remembered by readers like Lisa Heald, and Claire Louise Bird, who recalled: "The Thatched House, Ben Brierley and the Museum all in Moston!"

10. The Empress

Site of the former Empress pub on Cheetham Hill Road, Cheetham Hill. 2008
Site of the former Empress pub on Cheetham Hill Road in 2008

The Empress pub was on Cheetham Hill Road in Cheetham Hill.

The building is now tearoom Cha Cha Chai.

Sandra Kennell commented: "The Empress in Cheetham Hill, proper pub where everyone knew each other, brilliant Landlord & Landlady in Jimmy & Joyce, kicked off occasionally but where didn’t!"

11. The Golden Tavern

The Golden Tavern on Rochdale Road in Harpurhey in 1968
The Golden Tavern on Rochdale Road, Harpurhey, in 1968

The Golden Tavern was located on Rochdale Road in Harpurhey.

In 2012, the MEN reported how Manchester town hall chiefs bought the Golden Tavern pub in Harpurhey to turn into a green space.

The building cost £143,500 – with the demolition adding a further £70,000 to the bill.

Paul Dillon said: "The Tavern, Rochdale Road."

12. The Church Inn

The Church Inn on the corner of Yew Tree Avenue and Stockport Road, Levenshulme. 2008
The Church Inn on the corner of Yew Tree Avenue and Stockport Road, Levenshulme in 2008

Tipped by M.E.N reader Stephen Robinson, the Church Inn was located on the corner of Yew Tree Avenue and Stockport Road, Levenshulme.

The site was demolished over a decade ago, and Arcadia Library & Leisure Centre now dominates the area around the site.

13. Tommy Ducks

Tommy Ducks in 1985
Tommy Ducks in 1985

Landmark pub Tommy Ducks was on East Street across from the Midland Hotel.

Remembered by readers including Mike Nuttall, it was bulldozed in the 1990s and in its place stands a Premier Inn hotel.

Nigel Thomas Gregory Wallace said: "I used to love Tommy Ducks at the back of the Midland Hotel. Demolished without notice!"

14. The Railway

The site of the former Railway pub on Stockport Road, Levenshulme. 2015
The site of the former Railway pub on Stockport Road, Levenshulme in 2015

The Railway, mentioned by reader Victoria Victoria, was on Stockport Road in Levenshulme, opposite Levenshulme train station.

In 2016, the MEN reported how the former site became Dice Lounge, a new cocktail and champagne lounge bar.

15. The Red Lion, Moss Side

The Red Lion on Claremont Road in Moss Side, 1966
The Red Lion on Claremont Road in Moss Side, 1966

The Red Lion, which stood on the corner of Claremont Road and Jay Street, in Moss Side was also recalled by our readers.

The pub has since been demolished.

The pubs we've pictured are just some of the venues mentioned by our readers, who reminisced about lost boozers from every corner of Greater Manchester.

Dean Wolf Bailey said: "The Woodman Hazel Grove! It was basically a youth club with beers! My first local! Great memories in there!"

Sandra Miles commented: "The last pubs I frequented which were situated in the Longsight area of Manchester were the Mad Hatter and The Victoria in which I worked. So much fun and good times."

Jo Stacey said: "Courtney's in Parsonage Gardens, used to have a ball in there."

Lisa Stott Was-Barnes said: "Wheatsheaf, Church, Bull's Head… what a great pub crawl we had."

Richard Maher posted: "Brunswick what a top place."

Jon Clay said: "Pinkies & Blues in Ashton-U-Lyne alongside many other pubs and bars in that area that don't exist now. I worked at Pinkies & Blues from 96 until it closed in 2006, it originally was a gay venue that then became mixed and the whole town knew about it and in some ways we were ahead of Manchester really in acceptance of LGBTQ+ folk within the town just because of the bar and club. I used to go out on the bar circuit in full drag once I'd finished my shift, never had any trouble from ANYONE and ALL the other bars and pubs knew us and treated us like royalty and just used to have a brilliant time."

Stuart Harrizon Cassels said: "Yates’ Blob Shop on Market Street. As a student I could buy a Ploughman’s and after eating it, take home more left over cheese than I could buy for the price of the whole meal! And a glass of white port was a special treat!"

Ian Strawboss posted: "The Berkshire on Victoria Avenue, great pint, superb 60's disco sat night, early 80's."

Gillian Kidd said: "The Manor House and the White lion in Withington... as well as Didsbury and Fallowfield bars.. All good times back in the day."

Graeme Wright commented: "Too many. Most of the ones I used to visit in the 80s and 90s have either closed or been turned into the sort of pubs I'd not feel safe in."

Vivienne Flaherty commented: "Pig & Porcupine, The Unicorn, The Old Mill all in Altrincham - good times!"

Elizabeth Hogan said: "The Star, old Trafford best nights."

Michelle Hughes said: "Not a pub but club, and that was Jillys/Rockworld."

Rob Foy commented: "The Crown, Epping walk, Hussar and Gamecock , all great pubs, the disco era."

Neil Brookes commented: "Waterloo Pub, Cheetham Hill best bar none."

Joanne Buckley said: "The Oaks + The Southern, brilliant times, Chorlton."

Jane Gibson said: "Times Square, Didsbury."

Cath Peers said: "The Park Hotel, Prestwich was the best pub in the 1990s."

Mark Batty commented: "Marston Tavern - Royton, when Tim & Carol ran it. Great beer , fantastic people , good DJ playing decent tunes , brilliant pop quiz. Such a shame it went the way of so many other pubs."

Khal Iqbal posted: "The Church, A6 Levenshulme Manchester Great Memories cheers."

Selina Mokrane said: "The Princess pub was on Princess Parkway always great firework displays."

Karl Collingwood said: "Robin Hood Stretford, many a messy night in there."

Miles Rainer said: "The George, Sedgley Park."

Robert Quinn commented: "Coach and horses with Frank and Sheila Spacey, loved this place xxxx"

Julie Booth commented: "Moses Gate in Farnworth. Had some of the best nights of my life in there. Met my current partner (a drummer) at a gig there years ago. The building was knocked down a couple of years ago. Sad times."

Chris Radcliffe said: "The Welly, Waterloo."

Marilyn Seal said: "The Church, Levenshulme."

Sean Maccas commented: "Lion & Lamb ( Blackley )."

Clair Meara commented: "The world famous embassy club, I believe it is a youth club now! So upsetting."

John Partington commented: "The one and only MOSTON LABOUR CLUB."

Alex Turner said: "Cricketers, Walmersley."

Jay Stevenson said: "ShowBar Clayton...characters & lock-ins."

Marie Howarth said: "The Vic, Heywood x"

Carole Barton posted: "The Parkside after all the city games."

Liza Broome said: "Middle Yates, Oldham Street x"

Alison Morley commented: "The Woodcourt on the corner of Brooklands Road and Maple Road. The Sylvan in Timperley, where my late husband and I had our first date in 1987."

Barbara Guidon commented: "Royal Oak Middleton, I've some good memories of all my friends from there x"

Natalie Dawn commented: "Pier Six."

James Axford posted: "The Jolly Sailor in Marple."

Simon Thomas said: "The Sherwood, Moss Side."

Stephanie Hughes commented: "Yates, Oldham road."

Tony Williams said: "Back in the 80's, it would have been Pips & Hacienda for me."

Caroline Horner commented: "Mechanics and the Waterloo in Cheetham Hill - Wheatsheaf, The City and The Castle around Tibb Street - Northern Quarter (Wheatsheaf still there)."

Diane Elliott said: "The Well Green Beefeater, Hale."

Em Louise said: "Cathedral Arches."

Marina Schofield commented: "Unicorn, Lower Broughton when Chris Mullen had it xx"

Morgan Jones said: "The Old Wellington."

Sean Orieadon said: "The Oaks on Barlow Moor road facing the cemetery, and the Midland hotel."

Gianni Zazzarino commented: "The Talbot, Hyde."

Suzan Johnson said: "Kings and lord Lyon."

Henrik Andersen posted: "The Grey Mare on Oldham Rd."

Mel Lyons posted: "The Albert Inn, Didsbury."

Ian Capewell posted: "The Abbey in Oldham."

Chris Mclean said:R ed Lion in Hazel Grove and The Red Lion in Flixton, used to go and see my dad."

Mike Musgrove said: "The George, Cheetham Hill."

Diane Elliott said: "Sylvan pub Timperley."

Jimmy Saunders commented: "Unicorn on Hyde Road, Boddy's House."

Stephen James commented: "Times Square & Squires in Didsbury….happy days."

Adam Cairns said: "The Church in Bolton."

Mike Devlin commented: "The Blue Pig in Audenshaw."

Trudi Nolan said: "White Heart, Collyhurst Street."

Carl Moynehan commented: "Dog & Partridge on Chester Road. Proper football pub."

Peter Harris said: "The Royal Oak, Droylsden. Karaoke on Saturday nights, it was brilliant."

Gary White commented: "The Vic, Grimshaw Lane awesome memories."

Nicola Daly said: "JW Johnson’s in Manchester and so many more!"

Thomas Midgley commented: "The Talbot on the corner of Ladybarn Lane Fallowfield. Had some good times there."

Kieran McCaffrey said: "The Bank in Sale. Fond memories with my dad there and drinking my first legal pint lol."

Paul Leather said: "Chambers in Ashton under Lyne. Use to go in on a Thursday night always busy."

David Mellor posted: "The Little Alex Moss Side."

Paul Powers said: "Jilly's Rockworld if you count clubs. The Chapel House has gone now, we used to go in there during work."

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