A BIRTHDAY celebration turned into a neighbour dispute.

Police received reports of eight people fighting on Fosse Close, Blackburn. W officers made their way to the location by following the noise of shouting and screaming.

Simon Holden, 43, of Fosses Close, pleaded guilty to using threatening behaviour and was remanded on bail for a report.

Scott Parker, prosecuting, said police were made aware of the disturbance at 2.30am. Mr Parker said: “They saw a number of people in two separate gardens, shouting and swearing at each other.”

Holden was described as “incredibly rude and aggressive” and was pushed back into the house. “While an officer was speaking to a neighbour, who claimed they had politely asked for the noise to be kept down, Holden came out and tried to grab the neighbour,” said Mr Parker. “He was taken to the ground, struggling violently and other officers pepper sprayed him.”

Ben Leech, defending, said his client had been in the garden with his family celebrating a 14th birthday party when the neighbours came round and told them to keep the noise down and he didn’t feel there was any need to call the police.