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13 Reasons Why fans convinced Justin Foley will be killed off with tragic drug overdose in season 4

13 REASONS Why fans believe that Justin Foley will be killed in the last series of the show due to a drug overdose.

The troubled teen has suffered with drug addiction throughout the show and could be tempted to use again if things prove to be too much for him to handle in the drama's fourth and final season.

Some fan theories have been floating around on social media which suggest that Justin (Brandon Flynn) will meet his demise by the end of season four.

One fan answered a question of Reddit regarding why they think Justin, who was adopted by the parents of friend Klay Jensen (Dylan Minnette), will die and the answer seemed to make sense.

Due to his murky past, the user acknowledged Justin is the most vulnerable to turning back to drugs and running into drug dealers, meaning the reason for his death could be the one problem which plagued him for so long.

The user pointed to more evidence to support their claim by stating that a photo taken on the last day of shooting for 13 Reasons Why featured the entire cast and crew along with Justin, who happened to be wearing a hospital gown.

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Various fans have also pointed out that if off Justin's were to die from a drug overdose, it would follow the show's trend in highlighting important societal issues.

However, the character's troubled fan-base has grown over the years fans and those who love Justin will be hoping he can make a full recovery from his addiction and make it to the show's very last episode.

The fate of every character of 13 Reasons Why will be revealed very soon when the final season drops on Netflix tomorrow.

The 13 Reasons Why boss has hinted at an epic return for Bryce and Monty in season 4.

The new batch of episodes is set to drop on Netflix this Friday and with the former villains appearing in the trailer for the new series, there's every chance they will continue to haunt Klay and co. in what will be the last season of the show.

Showrunner Brain Weekly told Entertainment Weekly commented on whether they will play a prominent role in series four.

He said: "So I think that, it being 13 Reasons Why, even though both Bryce and Monty are gone from this earth, there will be ways that they factor into our story and certainly into the states of mind of our characters in season 4."

The fourth and final series of 13 Reasons Why will be released tomorrow (June 5th) on Netflix.

13 Reasons Why season 4 trailer: Clay and his friends struggle to keep secrets from their past threaten their future

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