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12-year-old Polish girl is 'over the moon' when Queen Elizabeth replies to her letter

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Based in the village of Lipka in the north of Poland, 12-year-old Wanessa Bąkowska decided to write to Queen Elizabeth II earlier this year to introduce herself, talk about her life as a child with Down Syndrome and gift Charles’ mother a piece of art she made herself. She heard back from the Queen just a month ago and is “over the moon”, according to her mom who shared the whole process on Facebook.

In her letter to the queen, Wanessa wrote with beautiful penmanship:

“Your Majesty, my name is Wanessa and I am 12 years old.

“I live in Poland, in the small town of Lipka.

“I have wonderful teachers and many friends.

“I have mum Karolina, dad Rafał, brother Alan and sister Nutka.

Queen Elizabeth

The Queen reportedly sent back a thank you note to a little Polish girl with Down Syndrome. (Image: Getty)

Queen meets children

Wanessa Bąkowska [not pictured] decided to write to Queen Elizabeth II earlier this year. (Image: Getty)

“I love them very much.

“I am a person with a disability and Down Syndrome.

“Nevertheless, I paint pictures.

“I would like to give you one of them, Your Majesty.

“The title of this painting is ‘Earth’.

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The Queen in Germany

Wanessa heard back from the Queen via her Lady-in-Waiting. (Image: Getty)

The Queen writing

Although unable to reply personally, The Queen was reportedly very touched. (Image: Getty)

“Greetings from Poland.”

Fortunately, Wanessa heard back from the Queen via her Lady-in-Waiting, Lady Elizabeth Leeming.

In an official letter printed and then signed on official Balmoral Castle headed paper, Lady Leeming wrote how "touched" the Queen was after receiving the “splendid” painting.

“Although unable to reply personally, The Queen was most touched by your wish to tell her a little about your life in Poland and greatly appreciates the care taken to create your picture entitled Earth,” Lady Leeming wrote in the letter.

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Queen's life in pictures

The Queen wished the girl all the best for the future. (Image: Express)

The Queen and Meghan Markle

‘Today I got a reply to my letter from Queen Elizabeth’ said the girl’s mother on Facebook. (Image: Getty)

She ended by saying how the Queen had asked her to thank the 12-year-old for her “thoughtfulness for taking the time to write” and wished her all the best for the future.

Posting on Facebook on Wanessa’s behalf, mum Karolina wrote: “Dreams are made to be fulfilled. Today I got a reply to my letter from Queen Elizabeth.”

The little girl’s art, on top of reaching the monarch, has also been exhibited in Pila and Warsaw last year.

Her Facebook page which was established in May 2019, says that it displays: “Pictures painted by a disabled girl with Down syndrome who poured her inner beauty and sensitivity onto the canvas.”

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