A huge number of homes are set to come to Wirral over the next 15 years.

Wirral Council’s Local Plan, a document detailing how many homes need to be built in the borough over the next 15 years, has been delayed due to factors including the Covid-19 pandemic.

But at tonight’s meeting of the council’s Housing Committee, Alan Evans, the authority’s director of regeneration, was able to confirm that the key number at the heart of the document remained.

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Mr Evans said that based on the government’s standard methodology the plan is still to look to develop 12,000 new homes over the next 15 years in the borough.

Before May's local elections, all parties pledged that houses would only be built on brownfield land and that the greenbelt would be protected.

Several councillors pressed officers on aspects of the Wirral Plan 2021-26, a document which defines the key priorities for the local authority for the next five years.

Reducing inequality across the borough is at the heart of the plan.

Liberal Democrat councillor Allan Brame asked if the council was set to achieve the target for work to begin on 700 homes and for 400 homes to be completed.

Mr Evans said the council was on target to achieve this goal and that Wirral Waters, a project led by Peel L&P which is set to provide 13,500 homes on the former Birkenhead docks over the next 25 years and potentially create up to 20,000 jobs, was a key part of it.

Cllr Ian Lewis, who represents the Conservatives, asked if an item on rough sleeping could be brought to every Housing Committee so that councillors could make sure all available resources were being used to deal with the problem?

He said this would help members to track the council’s progress in dealing with rough sleeping.

There appeared to be broad agreement on this across the council, with Julie McManus, who chairs the committee, signalling that she was in favour of the move.

Cllr Tony Smith, a Labour councillor for Upton, was keen for the committee to look at the impact that the £20 cut to Universal Credit would have on housing, focusing specifically on those forced to rely on temporary accommodation in Wirral.