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10.30pm Chelsea news LIVE: Costa return wanted by Alonso, Lautaro Martinez offered huge Blues deal, Max Bird transfer

CHELSEA are eyeing up a big summer rebuild with their Premier League campaign suspended indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Blues have reportedly offered to double Lautaro Martinez's wages while they are also looking to make a summer move for Derby's Max Bird.

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  • Sam Street 's avatarSam Street1 minute ago7th April 2020


    Chelsea are on the lookout for a big name striker in the summer as Frank Lampard looks to bolster his squad.

    But how many fans would like to see Diego Costa back?

    The Brazilian/Spaniard enjoyed some of his best years with the Blues, bullying defenders as he helped his side to two league titles.

    And when asked what Chelsea player he would most like to return, Marcos Alonso had no hesitation.

    In an Instagram chat, he said: “The beast himself and my good friend Diego Costa.”

  • Joe Brophy 's avatarJoe Brophy1 hour ago7th April 2020


    Exclusive by Cliff Hayes: Mesut Ozil's super-agent has called for all Premier League stars’ representatives to join the bitter coronavirus wage war.

    Dr Erkut Sogut — the man who negotiated Arsenal midfielder Ozil’s mega £350,000-a-week Emirates contract — insists agents should be included in the current tense pay talks between the League, the PFA, clubs and players.

    He declared: “It is not easy for everyone but it’s time for the clubs to talk directly to the players and their representatives to solve this problem.

    “This is what we are lacking right now. And the one thing that can be done is a deferral.

    “That is a start, to say, ‘Let’s defer these payments to the end of the year or next year’.

    “That is something players and clubs can agree quickly, so the clubs know they will have no cash problems and go on for the next three months. A deferral is a protection for everyone.”

  • Joe Brophy 's avatarJoe Brophy2 hours ago7th April 2020


    Football is in trouble. Whether it’s concerned in private or wringing its hands in public, the landscape is challenging right now.

    Clubs currently have no revenue streams, no means of income and the Premier League are faced with broadcasters who will want back £762million (around £38m per club) if games aren’t played.

    So, surely the solution is simple? Elite players will help by taking pay cuts, reducing the obligations on their stricken clubs and potentially helping other members of the so-called Football Family.

    The players’ union, the PFA, will enable the solution by preserving the here, now and future — right? Wrong!

    It’s turning into a battlefield. Apparently players have “only” had three weeks to consider this and, come on, that’s not a reasonable amount of time?

    I mean what can you do in three weeks? I know, build a 4,000-bed hospital in East London, perhaps?

    Read more HERE.

  • Joe Brophy 's avatarJoe Brophy2 hours ago7th April 2020


    Arsenal star Matteo Guendouzi has warned against football restarting until coronavirus “is taken off this world”.

    He told French media outlet TF1: “For me, what I think is most important is to not start things up again, no games, no training, until this epidemic stops.

    “What’s most important is everybody’s health, and not just in the football world, but in the medical world and the world in general. That’s really what’s most important.

    “I’m in favour of nothing starting up again until this virus is taken off this world.”

  • Joe Brophy 's avatarJoe Brophy3 hours ago7th April 2020


    Manchester United legend Dimitar Berbatov believes Liverpool should be handed the Premier League title after their barnstorming season was brought to an abrupt halt by coronavirus.

    He told Betfair: “People are suggesting to give the title to Liverpool, and honestly they deserve it the way they had been playing, nobody was going to catch them.

    “With the way they play their games, the football they produced and how far they are in front, they fully deserve the title this season.

    “It’s so strange, and it will be unfair on them if the season is voided. They will be so disappointed.”

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