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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 1, 2023

Sunday letters
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We have 338, supposedly educated, parliamentarians and it seems none of them could put two and two together and realize that in applauding a 98-year-old Ukrainian fighting the Russians, he had to be fighting for Hitler’s Germany against our Russian, or then Soviet, allies. It seems that anti-Russia phobia is so embedded in our psyche that in making apologies to our Jewish and Polish populations, our government omitted including the Russians who lost some 27 million, mostly civilian, lives in the Second World War and who are most accredited with defeating Hitler’s heinous fascist forces. Our census tells us that there are over half a million Russian or ethnic Russians living in Canada as citizens today. Should they not have also been included in the countless number of apologies?

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Ron Brydges
St. Catharines

(Honouring a Nazi in the House of Commons with no one checking handed Putin a propaganda win – they weren’t going to say anything more to add to that)


I am surprised that many politicians have no knowledge of the Yalta Conference which was attended by Joseph Stalin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. Do most of them not know that Russia was an ally? So, how could that Ukrainian soldier who was feted in the House of Commons have fought against Russia? I have to shake my head at the poor knowledge of history that many of them have. I was lucky to have had the opportunity to visit Yalta some years ago and see the table around which the Big Three, as they were referred to, sat to sign the accord.

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Sybil Fretz

(We are still shaking our heads at this massive embarrassment)


Re “Trudeau apologizes for presence, recognition of Nazi unit veteran in Parliament” (The Canadian Press, Sept. 27): Justin Trudeau made a grave error by omitting mention of the Russian people in his ‘apology.’ The Russians lost millions of citizens fighting the Nazis. Without Russia’s contribution to the Nazis’ defeat, our world would be completely different today. Criticize Vladimir Putin all you want, but don’t rewrite history.

Michael Pravica
Henderson, Nev.

(Never mind rewriting history, they completely forgot our history)

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