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‘CAN’T BELIEVE THE GALL:’ Sobeys shopper rants about price of Halloween candy

Grocery store shelf showing 16-pack of chocolate bars for $23.99.
Grocery store shelf showing 16-pack of chocolate bars for $23.99. Photo by mitchum863 /TikTok

The Bank of Canada announced it is holding its key interest rate steady at 5%, though basics like food and fuel have remained stubbornly high.

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That said, kids may need to work harder for their candy this year considering how much people are spending to keep the trick-or-treat tradition alive.

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An Ontario man was beyond shocked when he wandered into the candy aisle at his local Sobeys store and saw the sticker price of a box of candy.

The going rate for a box of 16 chocolate bars — albeit, full-size, not the miniatures — was $23.99 before tax at the North Bay location.

“What the hell,” TikTok user Mitchel Kightley, who goes by mitchum863, captioned the video as he zoomed in on the store shelf, tagging #sobeys and Galen Weston, even though the Loblaw CEO has nothing to do with the candy cost.

“What the f*** am I looking at right now? $23.99 for 16 chocolate bars? Are you on f***ing crack?” Kightley asked.

The clip then cuts to a stand of chocolate bars near the self-checkout area, showing the bars priced individually at $2.19 apiece.

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“.87 at Dollarama … I don’t math but I’m sure that is not a deal,” one person wrote.

Another added, “It’s pretty sad that convenience stores are close to the same prices as the grocery stores … hence why I just go to Walmart or Costco.”

However, others compared the price of a single chocolate bar with the 16-pack and thought it was a decent deal.

“2.19 x 16 = 35,04, box of 16 = 23.99,” one person worked out. “What am I missing?”

A second person added, “So if you bought those individually.. they’d be about 35$ excluding tax. Not bad actually right?”


“The fact that they’re charging $24 for 16 bars and then $2.19 at the register when there’s a dollar store right next to them, as well as a Giant Tiger and another dollar store down the street, that’s the absurdity of the whole matter.”

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He added that he wasn’t sure who actually buys the expensive boxes, noting the full shelves.

“I can’t believe the gall, that they would actually try to put that price on the shelf, that’s all.”

Dr. Sylvain Charlebois reported earlier this weekend that shrinkflation “has infiltrated the Halloween candy aisle this year, affecting the purchasing power of Halloween enthusiasts and people won’t notice until they unwrap the package.

He added: “Given that Halloween is a once-a-year celebration and candies grace the shelves for only a brief period, these shrinkflation strategies are more conspicuous and startling to consumers this year.”

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