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The rise of artistic nails

The nail business is such a formidable business that has grown leaps and bounds in the beauty industry and has taken the fashion industry by storm.

It’s intricacies have changed and that meant more nail businesses, booming! The voice on fashion went on a trendy nail journey with the eclectic, Class Act nails, owned by Mercy Gochani.

Here are the abc’s of starting a nail business, how to maintain it and learning the trendy ways of maintaining a thriving nail business.

When, how and why did you start a nail bar? 

I have always had a passion for beauty and fashion.

I tried modelling before, and I used to sell clothes and shoes with the help of my friend in China.

When Covid Hit my clothing business went down.

Being a University Student I knew that the rate of unemployment is high so I must come up with something I will fall back on once I’m done with school.

So, I learnt a new skill during the lockdown period that was 2020 and I was on my second year.

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That’s how my journey as a nail tech started 2 years ago, I fell in love with art and used to play on my mothers and friends nails.

Later, then my friends and family convinced me to set up a business so now my hobby is my job and I absolutely love it and I’m very dedicated to it.

I’m done with my degree now and have decided to do nails full time so I’m ready to take-on new clients.

We live in a progressive world and it’s a beautiful sight that Nail art and beauty is on the rise in Botswana.

Nail art and beauty is penetrating the market and being commercialized, and this say a lot about Batswana, it shows that we now embrace the talents of our fellow citizens, and this represents growth in the entrepreneurial skills we possess.

Nail art and beauty being on the rise is something to be embraced as young talented Batswana are able to even reach outside boarders.

What should you not comprise on when doing a clients nails?

I never compromise on products and investing in my business.

I believe in providing not only beautiful manicure and pedicure, but I believe in quality and performance as well.

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Another thing is Working on damaged nails, or nails with infections.

I always advice my clients not to come to me when they have infections or damaged nails as this can cause a health risk to other clients in spreading the infections.

Lastly, I never stop learning.

I am working in a growing industry that is heavily influenced by ever-changing fashion.

So, I make sure I update myself on trends and new products or treatments by following blogs, reading trade magazines and navigating social media.

The nail industry is improving and expanding year after year and is recognized as a profession more than ever.

Your favourite thing to do as a nail tech?

Nothing makes me happy than doing my nail art, hence why I prefer hand drawing my nail arts.

As a nail tech, what do you do when a client wants a particular shade or shape but know that it doesn’t suit them?

I believe in authenticity; people have every right to pick what they think it’s best for them and that’s ok really.

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However, I deal with a lot of clients some open to suggestions and some not, so I can only give out 2cent to my clients and if they choose not to take it’s ok.

I just make sure I make their satisfaction my hallmark.

How do you go about choosing what to do for a client?

It’s always easier to choose for my regular clients as I have already picked their personalities during our session.

So, if someone is a minimalist or extra, I always know which design to choose for them.

Name 5 things that we should do or take note of when taking care of our nails.

Tips for making your gel manicure last and keeping your natural nails healthy:

1. Let your natural nails breathe in between gel manicures.

regular manicure can weaken your natural nails.

The manicure process can lead to dehydration and thinning of the nail plate.

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So, ladies Avoid back-to-back nail appointments to prevent lasting damage.

This break will allow your nails to rehydrate and repair.

2. Try not to pick or rip off your gel.

If you rip it off, you’re probably taking some layers of your nail off, Weakening your nail bed.

If you want to remove your manicure, go for a soak off

3. For long lasting manicures try to work with rubber gloves on especially If you are working with water.

A gel manicure’s worst enemy is hot water.

So always try to use rubber gloves when washing the dishes or cleaning

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4. Do not use nails as lifters as this will cause them to break and sometimes hurt your nail bed.

5.  Use cuticle oil to hydrate your nails.

You know the importance of drinking plenty of water for your health and the same rules apply when it comes to nail health.

Also, hydrate your nails as much as possible.

What’s the hottest nail trend right now?

The hottest nail trends now I’d say its character nails, and colored French nails.

What trend should we try?

I love art and I think people should try 3D nail arts as well as Kawaii nail arts

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