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Six months suspended jail sentence for insults

A foul mouthed man who insulted his old aunt in an argument over his dead father’s estate has escaped jail by a whisker.

Convicted on a charge of common nuisance, Tebogo Gaosegelwe who was found guilty of hurling insults to his 91-year old aunt , Itebeng Lepodise was sentenced to six months imprisonment wholly suspended for three years.

He had said to the granny, “O tla nyela o masepa selo ke wena wa moloi o utswang, o utswile dikgomo tsa ga ntate o raya gore ntate a swe o sale o dira masepa.” ( Your s*&t, you thieving witch you have stolen my father’s cows so that he dies and you continue with your s*&t.)

The 46-year-old Gaosegelwe was tried and convicted on Friday by Chief Lebotse Kgosidintsi of Lentsweletau Customary Court

Him and his granny were fighting over cattle which Gaosegelwe had accused the old woman of branding although she knew they did not belong to her but to her brother who was Gaosegelwe’s father, the late Morule Gaosegelwe.

In his testimony an eye witness told the court that he saw Gaosegelwe entering the yard and proceeding to point a finger at the granny and utter the foul words.

Evidence given in court showed that there was a long standing misunderstand between the granny and her nephew as he too claimed the old woman had once said to him, “O setla se anya ga o ngwana wa ga rremogolo,” meaning you are not my brother’s child.”

In mitigation, Gaosegelwe pleaded with the court not to sentence him to imprisonment as he may lose his job as an instructor at a brigade.

Since the offence carries a sentence of imprisonment not exceeding one year, the chief settled for a six months prison sentence suspended for three years provided Gaosegelwe does not commit a simillar offence.