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Prostitutes invade BDF

Sex workers flood soldiers camp in Mozambique

Deployed deep in Mozambique, on a mission to help free the country from the threat of extremists, local soldiers are finding both their concentration and their safety comprised by an explosion of prostitutes.

According to a high-ranking Botswana Defence Force (BDF) officer, the lodge where the army have set-up one of their camps in Cabo Delgado province is overrun with ladies of the night.

The insider, who recently returned home after serving in Mozambique, claimed the camp was a high-security risk, with hookers and hawkers free to come and go at will.

“Where we are accommodated, there is no perimeter fence. Hawkers, prostitutes and other people gather around the area, especially during lunch and after hours. They come in and go as they please, we are not safe at all!” declared the source.

He further admitted some of his colleagues had been unable to resist the lure of the prostitutes and had given in to their sexual urges, paying for pleasure.

“It’s so dangerous. Some of these women could be sent by terrorists!” he warned.

The source added they were originally housed at the lodge with members of the South African Defence Force. However, the South Africans later chose to move their forces on due to security concerns.

“A security assessment was conducted and after that the South African government relocated their officers to a more secure area,” said the BDF source.

Painting a picture of an unorganised operation, the insider further accused the top brass of neglecting its troops.

“Our soldiers get their meals in the camp but in case you are on patrols you starve and are forced to beg for ‘leftovers’ from the South Africans, who always have cash and plenty of food. It is embarrassing because sometimes they leave their assigned posts rushing to get food!” blasted the source.

Following-up on the claims, The Voice sent a questionnaire to the BDF but received a basic response.

“The BDF wishes to inform you that it does not discuss operational matters in the media as they have the propensity to compromise operational security. The BDF is a professional force that continues to execute its mandate of defending Botswana’s Territorial Integrity, Sovereignty and National Interests. We wish to assure members of the public that issues surrounding force protection, safety and welfare of its members continues to be of paramount importance at all time,” stated Lieutenant Colonel Fana Maswabi.