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‘It’s your money, use it!’

Mmolotsi urges constituents to apply for govt funding

Despite being a leading member of the opposition, Francistown South MP, Wynter Mmolotsi, has encouraged residents in his constituency to take advantage of new government initiatives designed to empower citizens.

Speaking at a kgotla meeting at Phillip Matante West on Tuesday, Mmolotsi told residents that ignoring government schemes was short-sighted and ultimately foolish.

“Do not let these opportunities pass you by. This is your money to apply for and use,” stressed the Alliance for Progressives (AP) second-in-command.

“One of the most disturbing or ignorant things to do is failure to take advantage of government initiatives and tap into the available funding,” reiterated the fiery legislator.

Mmolotsi was kick-starting an eight-day tour of Francistown South in an attempt to brief constituents on recent changes in government, the budget and new proposed programmes.

CAPTIVATED: Phillip Matante West residents

He broke down newly introduced initiatives on Agriculture, National Development Bank and the recent merger of government’s key ministries and parastatals.

The MP updated constituents on the controversial Criminal Procedure and Evidence (Controlled Investigations) Law, which allows law enforcement to use undercover operations to intercept communications, access computer systems and use controlled devices when investigating money laundering and associated crimes.

The MP stressed that as the opposition bloc, they’ve done everything in their power to ensure the law does not trample on anyone’s liberties nor is it open to abuse by its custodians.

“You’ve to understand that government has always been listening to your conversations but, back then, you could sue them because it was illegal, today you can’t sue them!” he explained, before reassuring his audience that although the law was necessary, they made sure it could only be applied through a court order.

“There’s always that concern that this law can be used to listen into innocent people’s private conversations including us politicians, but that should not stop us from living freely in our country. There’s nothing they can do after listening in on our secrets!” declared Mmolotsi.