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‘I am going to cut your vagina!’

Lover in court for threatening cougar

Growing up, we are taught to respect our elders and talk to them with due reverence.

However, a Tonota man seems to have missed that crucial lesson in manners, apparently hurling a torrent of vulgar insults at his girlfriend, who happens to be 15 years his senior.

Having reportedly threatened to kill her earlier in the day, Kabelo Gaonyadiwe, 34, is said to have called up his lover late at night and warned her that he intended to cut up her private parts.

“The vagina of the old woman I am eating. And I am going to cut your vagina,” is the chilling statement Gaonyadiwe allegedly made to 49-year-old Pailini Haskins over the phone at around 10pm on Sunday 25th September.

Fearing for her safety, Haskins called the cops, who, after a two-day manhunt, managed to track down and arrest the suspect.

Hauled before Francistown Magistrates’ Court on 29th September, Gaonyadiwe was charged with threat to kill and remanded in custody.

It was heard that prior to the vagina outburst, the accused had threatened Haskins’ life, as well as a different part of her anatomy, while at her house that very morning.

Convinced she was about to dump him, before leaving for his homestead, Gaonyadiwe allegedly said, “I am going to kill you. I cannot separate with you when you are like this [still alive]. And I am going to cut your ear.”

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Gaonyadiwe’s second tirade was reportedly sparked after he phoned Haskins and asked to come round so he could collect some of his clothes, to which she reportedly told him to wait until the morning.

Denied bail lest he follows through on his alleged threats, Gaonyadiwe will return to court on 13th October.

Meanwhile, another Tonota man talked himself into similar trouble with the law.

Tapela Matshwenyego, 34, of Manyanda ward, was remanded behind bars on Monday accused of threatening to kill his lover’s friend.

'I am going to cut your vagina!'

REMANDED: Matshwenyego

“I am coming back, I am going to burn you inside the house,” was the supposed warning that saw Matshwenyego locked up.