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Heardsman caught with boss’s wife

A 55-year-old herd boy was recently slapped with a P20 000 fine for wrecking his boss’ marriage.

Kgosi Kebonyethebe Kgari of Molepolole Customary Court on Tuesday found Motlatsi Tswiiga of Ncojane village guilty and ordered him to pay the fine to his boss, Oagile Merule, 61, in four months.

Merule had testified in court that it was this year on September 21st early in the morning when he arrived from the cattle post that he found his wife, Constable Lesedi Merule (49), frolicking with Tswiiga inside their house in Molepolole.

“Lesedi tried to lock the door but I kicked it wide open. They managed to escape, Lesedi running out butt naked to the neighbors while Tswiiga also bolted, leaving his jacket and bag together with three used condoms near the bed,” the frustrated husband told the court.

According to Merule, while he was still trying to process the whole thing, police arrived because his wife had reported him for an alleged assault.

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“Cops sided with their colleague and bundled me up to their cells where they locked me up for two days and released Merule’s belongings to him and also disposed of the used condoms,” he said.

Police, Merule said, also gave Tswiiga his wallet containing his identity card (Omang) and driver’s licence that could have been used as evidence in court.

Meanwhile, an eyewitness, 46-year-old Sky Baeletsi, corroborated Merule’s evidence and helped him get a conviction by stating that they found Tswiiga’s belongings together with three used condoms near the bed.

The betrayed husband’s second witness, being the neighbour, 36-year-old Maungo Babeele, also sealed the herdboy’s fate by confirming that it was indeed to her house that Lesedi had ran naked from her angry husband.

However, in his defence, Tswiiga claimed he was only at the boss’ house to collect money to buy goat medication.

“When I arrived, Lesedi offered me a chair to put my jacket and bag. She then requested me to fix her leaking Jojo tank, but immediately after that, Merule arrived, hurling insults at me asking if I was the one wrecking his marriage,” claimed Tswiiga.

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Tswiiga’s sole witness, who also happened to be his co-accused, Lesedi, said the used condoms belonged to her and her husband.

“Merule arrived from the cattle post early in the morning and we had sex, using condoms. Soon after that, he left the house saying he forgot something in the truck that gave him a lift and that he was going to look for it. While he was gone, Tswiiga arrived and I gave him a chair and asked him to repair the Jojo for me while I bathed.”

Lesedi further claimed that it was during her bath time that she heard a noise and commotion caused by her angry husband and therefore escaped naked to her neighbour’s house.

In his judgment, Kgosi Kgari slammed the police for concealing the matter by destroying Merule’s evidence.

Merule had requested to be paid 8 cows or P80,000 but the chief reduced the fine to P20,000 or 8 cows.

At the end of the long trial, which took the whole day, Lesedi decided to walk out of the court with the herdboy while yelling at her husband of 28 years, “Use the fine to buy yourself a train!”

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