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An explosion of fury

Guard allegedly threatens to blow himself, ex, and baby up over P20

An argument over P20 descended into chaos at Gerald Estates on Monday afternoon, with a 26-year-old man allegedly locking himself, his ex-girlfriend, and their one-year-old son inside his house at knife-point.

Reportedly releasing gas from a cylinder, Wandipa Ellias is said to have warned his former flame, Chedza Boitshepo, 28, he intended to blow her, himself and their child all up.

“Nna le wena le ngwana yo re tsile go swela ha (the two of us, including the child, we are going to die here),” threatened the Nkange native allegedly.

However, it seems Boitshepo managed to escape, rushing to report the matter to Gerald Police officers, who promptly located the suspect and arrested him.

Sources indicate the trouble started with Boitshepo pestering her baby daddy for the P20 she insisted he owed her. Following Ellias to his house, she reportedly started pushing at the door, demanding to know who else was in the house. A ‘misunderstanding’ then ensued.

Hauled before Francistown Magistrates’ Court this Wednesday, Ellias was charged with threat-to-kill.

During the brief arraignment, State Prosecutor, Jacob Handly, revealed he had no problem with the accused being granted bail, providing he agreed to a number of conditions, including paying a P1,000 bond.

However, Ellias, who works as a security guard in Ghetto, shot himself in the foot, messing up his chance for freedom when the Magistrate asked him if he had anything to say.

The suspect’s response, that he had absolutely nothing to say, cost him his liberty for the next month.

Unimpressed with the accused’s seeming indifference, the Magistrate saw fit to remand Ellias in custody.

He will remain behind bars until his next court appearance, set for 29th May.