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A dangerous misconception

Shaya took time to watch Samoxa’s trending video and, while slightly upsetting, there is a fair chance he’s telling the truth about what he says he gets paid to do.

Shaya knows a lot of men who have been on all expenses paid, out-of-the country vacations sponsored by married men, where they are required to perform the kind of sexual favours Samoxa says he regularly hands out at the Maruapula-based nightclub.

However, what Shaya finds really disturbing is Samoxa’s belief that he cannot catch HIV through unprotected sex in the other hole.

For your information, when HIV/AIDS was discovered around 1985/1986, it was the gay community that were hit hardest.

Please protect yourself my man, your health is at risk!

On another note, Shaya is waiting for the list of your clients, I could see the video was cut short when you were about to reveal more.