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5 colours for winter!

Hi Tsholo Dikobe.

I would really love to know which subtle colours I can add to my wardrobe this winter.

I would love to be experimental and bold with my winter work or casual wear.

I know men always shy away from colour but I want to try a new thing.

Please help me with 5 colours to incorporate to elevate my wardrobe this winter.

thank you. – Thabo Kebadile.

5 colours for winter!

Hi Thabo Kebadile.

I love a gentleman who does not shy of exploring all facets of style even colour!

Colors plays a visual representation in speaking for us, without us having to say a word.

According to Wikipedia, “the Psychology of colours in Marketing, color is an essential tool because it has an impact on how we think and behave. Color directs our eye where to look, what to do, and how to interpret something. It puts content into context.” Colour is a fundamental phenomenon from everyday life.

In fashion, it brings a simple effectiveness and effervescence that plays an integral role in that it carries with it a psychological meaning to affect mass consciousness.

It’s worth acquainting yourself with a few fundamental reasons why one should choose a certain colour over the other in certain occasions or situations.

The 5 colours to add to your winter wardrobe are millennial pink, sag green, varsity red, pastel purple, citrus orange and as a bonus colour, cobalt blue.

I’ll tell you why.

Thank you for contacting us.